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The Pop Princess Is Back

The Pop Princess Is Back

Rachael Dunphy

Pop princess music is back – and we are absolutely here for it!

In the early 2000s, pop princesses like Christina Aguilera, Jojo and even Britney Spears dominated music charts all around the world, and we’re still listening to their top hits two decades later.

But the power of pop has been somewhat lost in translation with Gen Z. From The 1975 to Phoebe Bridgers, Harry Styles to Kendrick Lamar, our music taste is more spread out than one genre can define. 

But a resurgence in pop music is (finally) back. Thanks to OG’s like Taylor Swift and the TikTok generation like Olivia Rodrigo, the pop girlie is on track to take their place in the charts once again. But considering it’s coming up on two years since Ms. Rodrigo’s latest music, we’ve come up with some new pop princesses to fill the airwaves. 

Tate McRae

Sound familiar? Tate McRae has been making music since her early teens, but it was her song you broke me first that helped her break into the mainstream music scene. Just a few weeks shy of her nineteenth birthday, Tate McRae released her first studio album I Used to Think I Could Fly which hit the U.K. Top 10 in June 2022. Tate McRae pretty much has a song for every mood. So whether you’re in the mood for summer or just need a good cry, she’s got you sorted. 

Renee Rapp

Originally starring as Regina George in the Mean Girls musical on Broadway, lockdown meant Renee Rapp could finally start working on her own music. Renee released her debut EP Everything to Everyone in late 2022, and used her massive TikTok following to help promote her music. After the success of her EP, she released a deluxe version this past February, and is ready to blow up on TikTok all over again. As well as being one of music’s new pop princesses, Renee Rapp plays Leighton in The Sex Lives of College Girls, and is currently on set for the film adaptation of the Mean Girls musical. 

Mimi Webb

Another pop girlie who rose to fame via TikTok, Mimi Webb has been releasing pop anthems non-stop for the last few years. Last year she even supported Tate McRae on her American tour. But with hits like House on Fire, Ghost of You and her current single Red Flags, we think she’s the U.K.’s answer to Olivia Rodrigo. And if you’re a Mimi Webb fan, you’re in luck as she’s bringing her tour to Ireland this year. With both dates in the 3Olympia Theatre sold out, you’ll have to be quick to snap up the remaining tickets for her gig at Live in the Marquee in Cork this June. 

Maisie Peters

If you saw Ed Sheeran on his tour last summer, chances are you know Maisie Peters. She supported Ed all throughout his stadium tour, and is even in Australia with him supporting the next leg of his tour. Maisie is actually signed to Ed Sheeran’s label, but their music is pretty far apart. Maisie is another pop girlie using her TikTok to promote her music (are we seeing a trend here?), and says one of her biggest music influences is none other than T Swift. She already has some massive hits like Cate’s Brother, Blonde and Psycho, but we’re patiently waiting for her second album The Good Witch which is out this summer. 

Do you think that pop princess music is back? Or are the likes of The 1975 and Phoebe Bridgers still top of your playlist? 

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