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There’s A Movie Based On A Harry Styles Fanfiction!

There’s A Movie Based On A Harry Styles Fanfiction!

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Yes, you read that correctly! There’s an actual movie based on a Harry Styles Fanfiction!

Everything That You Need To Know About After

Let’s hop back in time to 2013 first. Anna Todd started using the popular fanfiction website “Wattpad” to write a YA based on the members of One Direction. In the original chapters (which are still available to read fo’ free on Wattpad, BTW) Tessa a college freshman, falls in love with Harry and the two end up in a tumultuous relationship. Anna wrote over 80 chapters and the series has had over a BILLION views! Wattpad reached out to Anna and offered her help in finding a publisher. The rest is history! Once the book was published the movie-rights were sold and here we are being blessed with this movie.

As with most Fanfic’s, the story doesn’t actually revolve around Harry Styles being in One Direction. Instead the story happens in Washington State University. Anna obvs couldn’t use Harry’s real name (or the other 1D boys names!) once the book was published due to legal reasons (sad times!), so Harry was changed to Holden.

Here’s The Trailer!

Was anyone else waiting for him to reveal that he was a vampire or something?

Meet The Cast

Hero Fiennes-Tiffin plays Hardin Scott aka Harry Styles. Hero previously stared in Harry Potter playing the young Voldemort. Fun fact: his uncle IRL, Ralph Fiennes, played Voldemort! The role of Tessa is played by Josephine Langford. If Josephine looks slightly familiar that’s because she has a v famous sister; Katherine Langford from 13 Reasons Why.


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When is After released in Ireland?

At the moment we don’t know. It’s out this week (April 12th) in the US. reached out to the production company to find out its Irish release date. They said, “Currently we do not have a release plan for UK/Ireland but will let you know when there is one”. So, it will happen, but when is the question. We have a feeling it will happen over the summer OR Netflix will get it in a similar situation to “Isn’t It Romantic“, which went on general release in US cinemas, but was made available on Netflix internationally a few weeks later. We’ll keep you posted!

Update: well, we got it right – Netflix UK and Ireland are now streaming After!

What are your thoughts on a Harry Styles Fanfiction being turned into a movie?

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