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Things You Can Do With Your Friends Whilst Staying Socially Distant

Things You Can Do With Your Friends Whilst Staying Socially Distant

Sorcha Kennedy

Now that we have entered phase 3 of the reopenings, there are a lot of things we can now do.
You might be super excited that you can now see your friends, but it’s important to do so will following the guidelines the government has put in place.
Here are a few ideas on some things you can do with your friends (remember that the government recommends that you distance yourself 2 metres from other people and limit your close contacts and how much time you spend in direct contact with them).

Go for a walk

Lot’s of outdoor parks and walking routes have now opened up to the public. The government have said that meeting outside is safer than meeting indoors. This is a great way to get some exercise whilst also getting to spend time with your friends. Going for a walk is really good for both your physical health and your mental health.

Have a coffee and a cake

Lot’s of cafes and restaurants have expanded their outdoor seating to accommodate more customers. This means you can finally sit down to enjoy your drink instead of having to take it to go. This is a great way to spend a morning or an afternoon, and a great way to catch up with your friends. It’s also easy to social distance while doing this.

Go shopping

All retail stores were allowed to open recently, so why not go for a shopping trip with your friends (especially because of all the great sales currently happening). Shops are taking precautions like limiting the number of customers inside and making everyone sanitise before they enter. Although it’s not necessary, it is best to wear a mask whilst in an indoor public area (like a shop) for an extended period of time.
Although it’s nice to be able to do normal things like this again, it’s extremely important to listen to government guidelines and recommendations and to follow them.

Go On A Bike Ride

The weather may be a little chaotic at the moment, but make use of any burst of sunshine to grab your bike and head off on a fun, local adventure with your friends – just make sure to wear a helmet and be careful on the roads.

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Go To The Cinema

The cinemas are officially open again! There might not be any new releases for a few weeks yet, but it’s the perfect chance to see some of your favourites on the big screen again.
We all want to get back to pre-COVID-19 times, but unfortunately it’s still not safe. We need to find a balance between being out of complete lockdown, but also following Public Health Guidelines to keep us and those around us safe.
DO see your friends, but DON’T get too close to them for the moment. That means no hugs or clamouring together for group photos for Instagram.
We will come through this time, but just all have to work together.

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