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Tips for Online Christmas Shopping

Tips for Online Christmas Shopping

Sophie Coffey

Due to the current situation (and the sheer convenience!) the majority of us will be doing our Christmas shopping online this year. This might not be the way that you traditionally undertake your gifting list, and it can involve some challenges. However, with a little practice (and trust us, we’ve had plenty!) you can get some fantastic presents online this Christmas.

Use the benefits of online shopping

There are some advantages to picking presents up online so use these to get the best value for your money. For example, the filter “Price Low to High” might just be my favourite button! Another key feature available on websites is the review section. The star rating can be a great indicator of a product’s worth, but the written reviews are even more helpful. Detailed appraisals are perfect when balancing up the pros and cons of potential presents.

Check the delivery time

Christmas presents as the name suggest, usually need to be ready and wrapped for one specific day! Most online retailers are facing an influx of orders at the moment, particularly independent Irish shops. Due to this increased demand, there are some delays to shipping timeframes. To allow yourself plenty of time, try to make your online orders sooner rather than later and check the website’s estimated delivery dates. If you are sending anything abroad remember to check An Post’s last posting dates.

Take the delivery charges into account

This is just as important as checking the delivery dates! Distribution charges can really increase the price of your order, especially if you are on a tight budget. Many online retailers will offer free delivery over a certain price but be careful as this can be both a blessing and a curse. It becomes an advantage if you make one large order from a single store, but it can also be costly if you find yourself adding impulse purchases to your basket purely to reach the free delivery figure!

Note the currency

If you find yourself shopping from a company that is based abroad make sure to take note of the currency advertised. For example, if the product is sold in pounds, then the price once converted to euro will be more expensive for you. The same concept applies to the currency of the delivery charge tallied on.

Wishlist button

If you find that you do your shopping over a period of time or simply whenever something catches your eye, then make sure to bookmark it, screenshot the image or add it to a virtual wish list. This way you will be able to keep track of any potential present ideas and save yourself the time of trawling through your feed or mobile history to find something specific. Building up a present bank in this way will also increase the likelihood of you making one larger order over numerous smaller ones that include multiple delivery charges.

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Keep track of your orders

Due to increased delivery waits, a longer period of time is elapsing between the order being placed and it turning up on your doorstep. This can make it harder to keep track of presents purchased. Make a note of any orders you place and flag all of your confirmation emails. This can be a great help to reduce your chances of accidentally doubling up on gifts ordered weeks apart. It is also a handy way to efficiently determine whether any of your parcels have gone missing in the sea of seasonal orders.

Will you be doing all of your Christmas shopping online this year?

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