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Tips For Sitting The Mock Exams

Tips For Sitting The Mock Exams

Alannah Murray

It’s time to face the 2020 Mock Exams!
The mocks can seem daunting because they are your first exposure to any type of state examinations, or if you are in sixth year it’s your first time doing a Leaving Cert Exam in a Leaving Cert scenario.
But there are some very good things that can come from the mocks if you do them right. So here is a guide of tips to help you get through and get the full benefits of the mock exams. 

They are harder than the actual exam.

Coming up to the mocks you will hear a lot about how these exams are worse than the leaving, and you may think, is that true? Well I am here to say yes, it is totally true. Mock examinations are designed to be a little more difficult than the real exam, mostly to give students a little scare and to get them studying for the real things. So don’t be too shocked if your results from the mocks aren’t great, more than 80 percent of students go up in points or grades in the real exams. 

But…you should still study from them.

Knowing that the mock exams are harder doesn’t mean that you should sit back and relax thinking they don’t matter as they’re “not real”. You still need to try your best so you can give yourself a starting point for the real deal in June. And also think of the study required for the mocks as a foundation for your study for the Leaving Cert.

Manage your time.

This is one of the most important lessons you can take away from the mocks, is how to balance your time. There is nothing worse than knowing all the information for an exam, only to run out of time and not get to answer the last question. Learn from the mocks how much time you need to give to each section and make sure you stick with that. If you aren’t done and your time slot for that piece is done move on. 

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Make mistakes

This is the practice run, the perfect time to make mistakes and get it out of your system. Don’t be afraid to do something wrong in the mocks or to take a chance on a question, it’ll help you learn for the real thing. Remember if you have a bad exam day in the mocks that is your bad exam day done. 
If something confuses you or you’re not sure how to approach a question, give it your best shot and then jot down a note to ask your teacher afterwards. The mocks are your chance to make mistakes and then improve before June, so make the most of it.


Being stressed or nervous can be good, but don’t let it take over your life. Too much stress can actually ruin a whole exam. If you are worried about something, get it out your head and don’t think about it. Too much stress will not help you. 
Make sure that you leave time after each exam to relax before you get going preparing for the next exam.
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