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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: What's Happened So Far

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: What's Happened So Far

Jessie Bennett

Are you struggling to remember what happened the last time you checked in with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? Us too!
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (CAOS for short), will return to Netflix on January 24th, and to say we are excited for the next instalment would be an understatement.
We were excited anyway, but then the trailer hit that into high-gear

A lot has happened in the course of the series so far. Just so we’re fully prepared for the new episodes, here’s what happened so far on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina’s Choice…

The first half of Season 1 centred around Sabrina’s struggle of being half-witch, half-mortal. On her 16th birthday, she must partake in a dark baptism. Meaning she pledges to do the devil’s bidding, no matter how big or small. Whilst most witches embrace this tradition, if Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda are anything to go by, Sabrina’s mortal half seems to be struggling with this commitment. I mean, we can’t really blame her…

There’s A Trial

Fr Blackwood, the high priest of Sabrina and co’s coven, reassures Sabrina that her dark baptism isn’t as daunting as she believes. Upon arriving at the site of the baptism, however, Sabrina realises Blackwood was lying, and flees the ceremony, refusing to sign her name in the Book of the Beast – a big deal in the witching world! 

Due to this ‘crime’, Sabrina is put on trial by the witches council. Sabrina hires a human lawyer who is also an expert in witch law to defend her. However, it is Aunt Hilda who saves the day by informing the council that Sabrina was baptised in a Catholic ceremony days after her birth (queue sharp intakes of shocked breath). A deal is made, Sabrina can stay in the mortal world but she must also attend lessons at the Academy of the Unseen Arts.

There’s School Drama

Both in Sabrina’s mortal school, and her witch school. 

One of Sabrina’s best friends, Susie, is being bullied. Sabrina decides to intervene, and enlists the help of the Weird Sisters (whom she had previously had run-ins with in the Academy of the Unseen Arts). This forms the basis for Sabrina and the Weird Sisters seemingly love/hate relationship which recurs throughout the series. 

Nick Scratch, Sabrina’s only ally in the Academy of the Unseen Arts, is also a source of drama, as we see Sabrina becoming torn between him and Harvey as the series progresses. Not a bad predicament to be in if you ask us…

Blackwood Is Evil Personified


I mean, just look at him… But seriously, Blackwood is so horrible throughout this season of CAOS. First, he patronises and undermines Sabrina by tasking her with a complex puzzle on her very first day. (She solves it, but releases a demon in the process). 

Secondly, he denies his daughter Prudence and is just mean to her in general, always reminding her that she will never be good enough. 

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He then has an affair with Aunt Zelda, while his wife is pregnant. After his wife dies in childbirth, Blackwood refuses to become official with Zelda, and is horrible to her in general. Furthermore, Father Blackwood frames Ambrose for the murder of the Anti Pope. When Sabrina finds evidence that could prove Ambrose’s innocence, Blackwood puts a spell on Zelda and forces her to destroy the evidence. We’re sure there will be many more evil doings on Blackwood’s behalf in the next season, and we can’t wait to see what they might be!

There Are Angels…

And demons, but we’ve already touched on those (we’re looking at you Batibat). These angels come in the shape of witch hunters who attack the Academy of the unseen arts. Ambrose is injured, and whilst Hilda tends to him, Sabrina is killed. However, it’s not all bad news as the Dark Lord brings Sabrina backs to life. Having been resurrected, Sabrina hones all of her powers and takes down the witch hunters. 

Sabrina Has A Twin

Well, kind of. Fans of Sabrina The Teenage Witch may remember Sabrina had an evil twin, Catriona, whom she had to push into a volcano in order to live. In this version of the show, Sabrina creates a mandrake doppelgänger under the advisement of Ms. Wardwell. This goes terribly wrong, and Sabrina’s doppelgänger hatches a plan to create more doppelgängers, starting with Sabrina’s friends, Roz, Harvey and Theo. The doppelgängers plan is foiled and Sabrina defeats her in a pistol dual. Slightly similar to the original series, but a lot darker! 

There Was A Love Triangle

Or maybe a square? The series started off with Harvey and Sabrina as love’s young dream. As the series progressed, and Sabrina resurrected Harvey’s brother only for him to be very zombie-like that relationship broke down. Sabrina and Nick Scratch started to grow closer at The Academy whilst Harvey and Roz started a relationship back at Baxter High. Nick ended up being dragged to hell so we could say Sabrina is now single. She’s not giving up that easily though and we suspect this new season will feature the (chilling) adventure to get Nick back… see what we did there?

Sabrina Is Set To Become Queen Of Hell

Apparently that’s a thing… The Dark Lord himself shows up and declares that Sabrina will be his queen. There’s nothing romantic about it, even though at first that’s what we are lead to believe. Instead, the Dark Lord tells us that Sabrina is his daughter. Sabrina’s coronation will bring with it the End Times. Sabrina’s friends and family, both mortal and magical rally around to defeat the Dark Lord. They do so by trapping him in the Acheron Configuration, the puzzle Blackwood challenged Sabrina with on her first day at the Academy of the Unseen Arts. Ms Wardwell, who is really Lilith, the Dark Lord’s lover, declares herself Queen of Hell, and resurrects the real Ms Wardwell.
Now that you’re all caught up on what happened on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, please join is in being super excited for Part 3!

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