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Trending: The Bucket Hat

Trending: The Bucket Hat

Team Missy

Ah, ’90s fashion! There really is no escaping it at this point.

We’re not going to lie; when we first saw the bucket hat making a comeback we were horrified. Has there ever been a more unstylish looking hat? The answer is no.

And then Emily In Paris came along and we suddenly could see the appeal of the bucket hat. It is possible to make it look good with an outfit.

How To Wear A Bucket Hat

They key to wearing a bucket hat is to just embrace the quirkiness of it. Match it to your outfit or clash it.

We love love love this hat from ASOS – it looks very Emily In Paris and it’s a great colour to match with.

The bucket hat is the perfect way to protect your scalp from the sun during the warmer months and it also shades your face. So not only are you on trend, you’re being sun safe – win win.

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