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We Might Finally Know The Release Date For ‘Riverdale’ Season 5

We Might Finally Know The Release Date For ‘Riverdale’ Season 5

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It feels like an absolute age since we last had a new episode of Riverdale. Well, it was May, but in the year of 2020 that may as well have been 10 years ago.

Season 4 of Riverdale was cut short due to the pandemic. We were due to see the Riverdale High gang graduate from high school, but instead the remaining episodes will air in season 5 and we will then get a major time-jump to after college.

So when are we getting season 5 of Riverdale?? Well, we might finally have a date, even though it’s currently unconfirmed.

What Is The Riverdale Season 5 Release Date?

Riverdale season five is expected to come out on Wednesday 20 January, 2021.

Set decorator Denise Nadredre spilled the news in an Instagram Stories post on 26 October, writing: “Season 5 of Riverdale premieres on the CW January 20.”

She also revealed it will land on Netflix Canada the following day, but doesn’t yet know when it will be available to watch on the platform in other countries.

It’s worth noting that the CW has not confirmed the Riverdale season five premiere date…yet.

But the Riverdale season 5 release date in January does match up with previous midseason premieres of Riverdale’s past series.

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When Will Riverdale Air In Ireland?

If Riverdale season 5 is set to air on Netflix Canada January 21, it will probably be available on Netflix Ireland the same day, in line with the usually Riverdale release on Netflix over here.

A January release date does sound very likely to us. It’s getting too close to Christmas to be starting a new series, so season 5 will probably air in early 2021 without the long breaks in between episodes, which will be worth the long wait.

Are you excited for a new season of Riverdale or are you totally over it?

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