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We’re All Friends Here: Chats & Advice

We’re All Friends Here: Chats & Advice

Jessie Bennett

Hello everyone! You may have noticed that things are a little different with this week’s We’re All Friends Here. Instead of chatty Instagram stories, I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts on the dilemmas and advice we got in this week here.

If you don’t know what We’re All Friends here is, it’s an advice segment that I hist on’s Instagram stories every Wednesday at 8pm. Our lovely followers send in dilemmas or issues they need advice on throughout the week. These dilemmas are then shared (anonymously) with our other followers, and they’re asked to send in any advice they have on the situation.

I’m going to jump straight in and talk through this week’s dilemmas and advice.

First up…

Conversing With Crushes

The dilemma: 

Hi. I need some conversation starters. I’m talking to this lad but I feel like we’ve talked about everything. We’ve talked about sport, Netflix, COVID, but i’m not sure what else. When we start talking it’s fine, we are grand, it’s just starting off the conversation as I don’t want to sound dry or awkward or pushy, help please! 

This lad is on my bus and he’s 3 years older. We don’t really talk in person only text. How could I start talking to him on the bus to make conversation without it being awkward?

As you will have seen from people’s advice over on our Instagram stories, a 3 year age gap can be quite difficult to navigate as a teen. During your teen years there’s a lot of life experience packed into those few years. So for example, someone who is 14 may not have all that much in common with someone who is 17, as one is really only getting to grips with adolescence whilst the latter is prepping for young adulthood.

Age gap aside, it can often be telling of a romantic future if conversation doesn’t naturally flow, as was pointed out by someone.

I would also be aware that if this guy isn’t making an effort to speak with you IRL, or is only interested in talking over text, it could be a sign that it’s not worth pursuing.

However, if you do want to talk in real life, just chat how you would over text. Say hello, ask how they are, have they any news, did they have a nice weekend etc. Try draw on topics you’ve already text about as you already have a good base. If you’ve talked about pets, or siblings, maybe ask how they’re doing. It can be hard to start talking to someone IRL, but just try your best to confident.

Acne Dilemma

The dilemma: 

I’ve really bad chest acne and today me and my Mam were picking outfits for Christmas, yet all the tops I wanted to wear would show off most of my chest and I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how do get rid of it? 

As mentioned on our stories, being consistent in your skincare routine is extremely important. Also pointed out was the fact that most products suitable for the face can be used on the neck and décolletage area. In fact, it’s often instructed on the ‘directions for use’ part of the product’s label.

Products like Salicylic Acid can really help in targeting acne. If acne scarring is an issue, check out this post.

See Also

My BFF & My Sibling

The Dilemma:

My BFF has told me they like my sibling. I don’t know how to feel about it tbh. HELP!

As pointed out, you can’t exactly put a stop to things unfolding between them if that’s what they want to do. In doing so, you could lose these important relationships. Instead, why not sit down with them both and lay out some ground rules. If you live with your sibling, you’ll want to be able to spend one-on-one time with your bestie, without them being all lovey dovey with your sibling. Likewise, spending quality time with your sibling is also important. Try and establish this from the offset.

College Friends Conundrum

The Dilemma:

Finding it hard to make college friends in the current climate. Any advice or tips?

To point out the obvious, everyone really is in the same boat with this situation. Which, when you think about it, is a good thing as there’s no element of being left out.

I actually wrote an article recently about making friends in college, even if it is over Zoom call. It’s really important to not get disheartened. Try your best to make good of a bad situation. I know we’re all fed up of Zoom quizzes etc, so maybe set up a book club or a movie club where you read or watch something as a class, and discuss it over Zoom instead. It might not be the same, but one day we’ll be back to normal, and you’ll be glad to have made the foundations of friendship.

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