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What In The Name Of God Is Mercury Retrograde?

What In The Name Of God Is Mercury Retrograde?

Róisín Lynch
Mercury Retrograde Explained 2022

Mercury retrograde is a phrase you may have heard being thrown around.

Typically when things aren’t going the way people may like, “Is Mercury in retrograde or something!?” but what does that even mean???

We’re going to break it down for you now so keep reading!

Where Did The Phrase Come From?

Originally used by those with a love for astrology, the phrase comes from the idea that when the planet Mercury enters retrograde motion, it marks the beginning of a troublesome time, where pretty much anything and everything starts to go wrong!

Retrograde motion refers to the planet spinning backwards which in return causes things on earth to be a little bit backwards.

Each mercury retrograde has a different focus. Each mercury retrograde can be different as it is ruled by a specific zodiac sign. Typically however, it effects communication, technology and travel as mercury rules these three areas!

What’s The Science Behind It?

Scientists say that mercury retrograde is an optical illusion. The optical illusion is created when a planet passes Earth in orbit. If looking up at the planet from Earth it would appear that the planet is momentarily moving backward in the sky. It’s similar to the sensation of sitting in a parked car and the car next to you begins to reverse. It feels as though you are rolling forward as a result!

The idea of mercury retrograde having a direct effect on our lives here on earth, is similar to the debate that star signs have a legit effect on some ones personality! You either believe it or you don’t!

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Either way when that email that you swore you sent ends up still sitting in drafts, it’s nice to have the mercury retrograde card as an option for an excuse!

Your Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide:

  1. Slow it down, try not to take on too many projects
  2. Do NOT make big decisions, such as breaking up with someone or making big purchases
  3. Double check all texts and emails before and after sending them (actually triple check just to be sure!)
  4. Keep conversations light – not the time for big debates or confrontations!
  5. Get in touch with people from the past (we are being spun backwards after-all!)
  6. Give your-self more time when going anywhere
  7. Listen to your gut!

Mercury Retrograde Dates For 2021:

If you are a believer, here are the dates you need to look out for this year!

  • January 14 – February 3, 2022.
  • Second retrograde: May 10 – June 3, 2022 (thank God it’s almost over!)
  • Third retrograde: September 9 – October 2, 2022

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