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What To Know Before Dating A Girl Who’s Close With Her Mam

What To Know Before Dating A Girl Who’s Close With Her Mam

Alannah Murray
FYI: you *might* just want to leave this article open so that the boy casually sees it…

Guilty as charged, my mam is definitely one of my best friends, and I’m sure I’m not the only unjust call us the Gilmore Girls! So, here is a little heads up if you are about to get serious with a girl who is very close with her mam. 

Things have to be planned in advance, because they will have to check with mam. 

Even at the older ages, we girls who love our mammies, always check with them when we go out. It’s not even permission anymore, it’s just a letting them know type thing. It makes us feel better when our mams know what we are doing. 

Decisions will be made with advice from mam. 

Mother knows best. That is the golden rule. It isn’t an insult to you, but if you suggest something we will probably need to consult with our mams before we give the final decision. 

Our mams know everything about you. 

Fair warning, we talk to our mams about everything. Small and large everything is discussed with mam. All boy interests included. They are just the best listeners. So, if you end up meeting our mams, chances are they already know everything about you and what you are going to say. 

Being friendly with your mam matters to us. 

It’s not a deal breaker, but the way to treat your mam matters to us. It influences our decision on what we think of you. We love a mammy’s boy. So having a good relationship with your mam is actually seriously attractive to us. 

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Their mams, are basically the over protective dads. 

They will scrutinise you, hard. They will make sure that you are a good match for us. After all no one knows us better than our mams. So, be prepared for some over protective dad stuff, but from our mams. 

Have you any advice for dating a girl who’s close with her Mam?

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