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Which Surprise Songs Might Taylor Swift Play in Dublin?

Which Surprise Songs Might Taylor Swift Play in Dublin?

Danielle Mahoney

The excitement is building as Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour approaches Dublin, and one of the most thrilling aspects of her concerts is the anticipation of the surprise songs she might perform. For those new to the concept, let’s dive into what surprise songs are and why they’re such a big deal for Swifties.

What Are The Surprise Songs?

During her Eras Tour, Taylor Swift has been delighting fans with a unique tradition: performing two “surprise songs” each night that are not included in the main setlist. These songs vary from show to show and span her entire discography, from early hits to deep cuts. This means that every concert has a special, one-of-a-kind element, making each performance truly memorable.

Outside of the 46 (!!!) songs on the setlist, any of Taylor’s extensive backcatalogue of songs are up for grabs each night of The Eras Tour. BUT we have a few ideas about which songs she’ll sing in Dublin…

Sweet Nothing

We are willing to bet everything that we own that “Sweet Nothing” will be one of the piano songs one of the 3 nights in Dublin. The song makes reference to Wicklow and Taylor likes to play songs that are specific to the country she is playing. She also hasn’t played this song on the Eras Tour yet, so she has mostlikey been saving it for Dublin, which makes it even more special.

The Last Time

Another song that hasn’t been played yet on The Eras Tour yet is one from Red, The Last Time. We feel that chances are high that Taylor will bring out Northern Irish singer Gary Lightbody to preform the song with her in Dublin.

Everything Has Changed

Another potential guest for Dublin could be Ed Sheeran. Ed has a lot of ties to Ireland and he loves the Irish crowds. He could also perform End Game for a reputation announcement!! It worth noting that Ed is currently on tour himself and is booked for the 29th in Tenerief, but that still leaved June 28th and 30th free for a quick jaunt to Dublin…

The Black Dog

There’s been a lot of speculation about who “The Black Dog” is about. Some people say it’s a Joe Alwyn inspired song and that the pub “The Black Dog” is set in London. But others say it’s all about Matty Healy and that the pub in question is the one in Cork – where Matty played soon after he and Taylor broke up! One to keep an eye on because it will get the internet talking veeeeery quickly if Taylor plays it in Dublin. Seeing as she played this in London over the weekend, the chances of her singing it in Dublin seem slim right now, but who knows when it comes to Taylor!

So Long London

There were high expectations that Taylor would do a mash up of “London Boy” and “So Long London” for at least one of her Wembley shows, but that didn’t happen. With Dublin being her first post London show, “So Long London” could very well be in the mix for Friday’s show.


Maybe this is wistful thinking on my part because I would combust if I heard this song live, but no one does harmonies like the Irish crowds! Could you imagine the Dublin crowd sining along to ‘Exile’? Goosebumps!

Why Are Surprise Songs So Important to Swifties?

The unpredictability of the surprise songs adds an element of surprise and excitement to each concert. Fans eagerly await to see which rare or favourite track Taylor will pull out of her extensive catalog. Some of the songs are special to the location of the concert. Such as “Maroon” for the New York reference, and of course “Welcome To New York”. “Paris” for…Paris. And London Boy, for you guessed it London!

Taylor is also known for using the Surprise Songs to announce the Taylor’s Version re-releases. And she’s also known for using them as Easter Eggs.

So there’s always a lot of excitement around Secret Songs

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Apart from ‘Sweet Nothing’ I really don’t think you can predict what Surprise Songs Taylor will sing in Dublin – but guessing if half the fun.

As the Dublin dates approach, the excitement will only continue to build. Whether she performs a rare gem, a deep cut, or a beloved favourite, the secret songs will undoubtedly make each night in Dublin magical and unique.

Which Surprise Songs do you think Taylor will sing in Dublin? Let us know over on our Instagram!

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