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Why You Should Be Double Cleansing

Why You Should Be Double Cleansing

Team Missy

What Is Double Cleansing? 

Let us explain, although it’s pretty self-explanatory. Double Cleansing is really just cleansing twice, also known as pre-cleansing.

Why bother with double cleansing?

Well, if you wear a lot of make-up in your day-to-day life getting it off at night is a bit of a task. Ever wake up to find makeup on your pillowcase even-though you thought you had removed all of it yesterday?

Double cleansing is needed because your skin doesn’t really benefit fully from just one cleanse. When you think about it your night-time cleanser is trying to do a lot; remove makeup and take care of your skin. It has to do twice the work of your morning cleanse.

Using one cleanser to take off the bulk of your makeup and then using another one to really pamper your skin and make sure that it’s super clean insures that you’re not sleeping with half of your makeup still on.

Double cleansing really should be a regular part of your beauty routine. Alas, we do know that there are some nights when you can only manage a face wipe, if even. And that’s ok, every now and again.

Missy’s Favourite Double Cleansing Products

The Pre-Cleanse

To save we would recommend buying an affordable pre-cleanser and then spending a little bit extra when it comes to your second cleanse. Your first cleanse is going to do most of the heavy lifting in terms of removing makeup, so you will only need to follow-up with a small amount of product the second time. Meaning that cleanser should last for a bit longer.

Another option instead of buying a second cleanser is to invest in The Cleanse-Off Mitt. You just add water and it should remove the bulk of makeup. For €4.95 it’s a great investment.

Micellar Waters

Fleur De Force made a great point in her recent video that pre-cleansers aren’t left on your skin if you’re following up with another cleanse, so we wouldn’t get too bogged down in ingredients. If it takes your makeup off, it’s a winner. The Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water is a good, affordable choice. If you find your skin is more on the sensitive side we highly recommend the original Micellar water, Bioderma. The big bottle will last you for an age.

Cleansing Oils

Oils make great pre-cleansers. What you’re really looking to do is take away the makeup layer and not wreck your skin with harsh products. Oils are go gentle and soothing, but they also take away a big bulk of makeup easily because they break it down.

Even if you have oily skin don’t be afraid of oil cleaners. They’re actually great for oily and acne prone skin. Again there are quite a few options to suit different budgets. We really love the Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil from Boots. Another great option is DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

The Second Cleanse

When it comes to the second cleanse we are huge fans of balm or jelly cleansers, but you could really go with anything that’s already part of your routine.

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The Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser is a bae and worth the tiny bit of hassle of going though the An Post Address Pal. It’s just a nice cleanser that won’t irritate or harm your skin in any way.

There’s something so satisfying about using a balm cleanser. There are lots on the market from Clinique to Pixi. But we love the Renaissance Cleansing Gel. Because it comes in a pump there’s no messing around with tubs. It’s gel-to-oil facial is magical. It is super gentle, but it also contains  fruit enzymes which remove dead skin cells.

L’Oreal Paris Fine Flowers Cleansing Cream is also a lovely, affordable and widely available option. Pixi have also jumped on the double cleansing bandwagon by bringing out a Double Cleanser that’s half a cleansing oil, half cleansing cream.

Just a word of caution:

A lot of cleansers found in pharmacies and supermarkets are very popular because they are so affordable. And far be it for us to bash any brand. If the likes of Clean & Clear are working for you, God Bless. But such products might be doing more harm than good as they contain high levels of alcohol. So, always watch out for ingredients. And please step away from the St. Ives cleansers and the likes. That level of harsh exfoliation every day is not good for your skin.

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