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10 Must Watch Rainy Day Movies

10 Must Watch Rainy Day Movies

Róisín Lynch
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Rainy days and cold weather topped off with Covid restrictions means we will all be spending a lot more time than usual in our home this winter. It is completely normal to be feeling overwhelmed and anxious with everything going on in the world at the minute. With not many places to go to many of us are feeling “stuck”. We are here to help you feel a lot less anxious and a lot more cosy with these 10 classic rainy day movies.

All go well with: comfy pyjamas and hot chocolate!

Here Are 10 Must Watch Rainy Day Movies

1. Harry Potter – The whole franchise

Rainy Day Movie Ideas

First up is not just a movie but rather a whole franchise. There is just something so cosy about Harry Potter movies. It could be the fact that they are typically associated with Christmas in a lot of homes but regardless escaping to the fantasy world of Hogwarts for a few hours will be sure to make you feel nice and relaxed for an afternoon!

2. The Notebook

Rainy Day Movie Ideas

What’s a rainy day without a good rom com to watch. Second on the list is an old classic – The Notebook. Grab yourself some hot chocolate, a big bowl of popcorn and allow yourself a couple of hours to drool over Ryan Gosling and dream of the day you might find your Mr or Mrs right!

3. The Devil Wears Prada

Rainy Day Movie Ideas

Third is The Devils Wears Prada. A nice and easy watch, follow Anne Hathaway as she plays an aspiring journalist who lands a job as an assistant to ruthless big name editor Miranda Priestly. A lovely blend of romance and comedy and who doesn’t love Meryl Streep!

4. The Holiday

Rainy Day Movie Ideas

Nothing goes together like cosy vibes and Christmas but if November is a little too early for you to start watching Christmas movies then The Holiday is the perfect match. While the film references Christmas creating a nice festive atmosphere it isn’t overbearing and the main story line is more focused on the tale of two women who house swap and end up finding true love. How perfect!

5. Finding Nemo

For all the Disney lovers out there! Disney movies are perfect for kids big and small. Finding Nemo is a classic feel good movie that is a guaranteed laugh no matter who you are! And when you are finished you can always stick on Finding Dory for even more fun.

6. Yesterday

Light-hearted and fun Yesterday is the perfect watch for a rainy day spent on the couch. The romantic/musical stars Lily James and Hammish Patel and tells the story of struggling musician Jack who finds world-wide fame by releasing famed Beatle songs after the world forgets they ever existed!

7. Marley and Me

Rainy Day Movie Ideas

*Warning: this is a tear jerker*

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A happy couple adopt a hyper- active dog called Marley. Marley and Me follows the couples life through the years of Marley’s life. Super relaxed and easy to watch and starring everyone’s favourite Jennifer Aniston!

8. Forrest Gump

An old reliable, Forrest Gump. A mix of romance, comedy and drama. Tom Hanks plays Forrest, a man who is not so bright you could say. The film showcases the years of his life involving many important historical events and his love for his childhood sweetheart Jenny.

9. Father of the Bride

Rainy Day Movie Ideas

Another romantic comedy…they really are the perfect choice for a rainy day! A touching movie about a father having a hard time letting go of his daughter when she decides to get married. Starring Steve Martin and Kimberly Williams.

10. Mamma Mia!

Last but definitely not least is Mamma Mia! A film guaranteed to lift your spirits on a gloomy day.  A sweet movie about a young woman named Sophie (played by Amanda Seyfried) who invites three men to her wedding in an effort to find out which one is her father. When her mother finds out chaos pursues. A touching yet hilarious film!

Will you be watching any of our rainy day movies suggestions on your next duvet day?

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