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10 Positive Instagram Accounts

10 Positive Instagram Accounts

Sophie Gavin

Social media can be a rough place – one filled with comparison and self-doubt. Looking at beautiful models and negative news on social media every day can have a very real effect on our happiness and self-worth.  However, there are some wonderful, positive Instagram accounts you can follow to make your feed a place of self love and positivity!

Positive Instagram Accounts To Follow


@bodyposipanda, or Megan Jayne Crabbe, is the bestselling author of the amazing book, ‘Body Positive Power’. She makes regular posts educating her followers about the negative impacts of diet culture and the importance of the Body Positivity Movement. She is probably best known for her dance videos, which are filled with so much happiness that you can’t look at them without being put in a good mood!

2. @sweetpositivitea_

This is a smaller, lesser well-known account, but it is equally as positive. It is run by two admins, Amy and Lily, who put up text posts about positivity, mental health and self love. They also encourage their followers to message them if they need to talk, which makes their account feel like a lovely, welcoming place to come to if you are feeling low.

3. @danasuchow

Dana Suchow is a powerhouse when it comes to radical self love. She speaks openly about mental health, diet culture and the importance of having a realistic and positive body image. She is devoted to educating her followers (and their children!) about loving their bodies. Her posts are some of the most educational and positive to be found on Instagram.

4. @positivelypresent

This is an account run by Dani DiPirro, self described artist and author. It’s an account full of original designs by Dani, which contain beautiful illustrations and positive reminders about staying positive and taking care of yourself. They are a lovely, colourful addition to any Instagram feed!

5. @tanksgoodnews

@tanksgoodnews is run by George Resch or “Tank Sinatra”, as he calls himself. This account is fully dedicated to bringing only good news to your social media feed. His posts include news stories about lost dogs being found, money being raised for wonderful charities, people beating cancer and children overcoming major difficulties. After being surrounding by bad news (pretty much all the time), this account definitely brighten up your day.

6. @selfcareisforeveryone

This account describes itself as “a space that honours the importance of choosing self-care over self-harm.” It is full of beautifully illustrated posts that contain positive messages about loving, trusting and honouring yourself. It also posts helpful tips on how to introduce more self care into your life. If you’re looking to inject some positivity into your feed, you need this account.

7. @humanpositivity 

Described as “circulating positive, inspirational and motivational content for every human being,” this account is full of bright colourful posts which give you a welcome break from the other negative content found on Instagram. They include posts such as a “stressful day to-do list” as well as some important questions to ask in order to check in with yourself. The positive quotes combined with practical tips definitely make this an account worth following!

8. @theeverybodybeautystandard

According to their bio, this account focuses on “reinventing beauty standards & encouraging body-positivity one story at a time.” It is a safe space which allows people of lots of different backgrounds with different body shapes to share their story of finding self-love and self-acceptance. This account is a breath of fresh air when we’re being surrounded by impossible beauty standards every day. Definitely give this one a follow!

9. @thedailygrin

With a bio like “life can be pretty tough sometimes, but you are tougher”, you just know that this is an account with no room for negative vibes. It mainly posts heart-warming and encouraging text posts about remembering to care for yourself, practicing self-compassion and being proud of yourself for all of your victories. 

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10. @sunsideproject

This is another account which encourages you to look on the sunny side of life. This account also posts positive text posts aiming to spread a little happiness on to your feed. As well as this, they post realistic tips and advice on how to implement positive changes into your life in a realistic way. One of my favourites was “just for the record darling, not all positive changes feel positive in the beginning.” This account is a safe space to come to no matter what way you may be feeling, and its posts would brighten up any feed.

So, there you have it. 10 wonderful accounts to inject some well needed positivity into your Instagram feeds! The world of social media is growing at a massive rate, and it is up to us to make sure our feeds are places which encourage us rather than belittle us. Following these accounts is a great first step in filling your online world with positive, encouraging posts which may lead to real positive changes in your life. 

Are there any positive Instagram accounts that you like to follow? Let us know so we can add them to our list.

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