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10 Thoughts You’ve Had During a Zoom Class

10 Thoughts You’ve Had During a Zoom Class

Sophie Coffey

Oh Zoom!

It sometimes seems as if the most unbelievable element of 2020 is that it was the first time many of us used Zoom! Seven months and one global pandemic later, we can now consider ourselves experts when it comes to this particular form of technology! Wonderful though these video calls were, they have not been without their struggles too.

Whether you’ve been in one online class or one hundred, here are ten thoughts you have definitely had during a Zoom class…

This is so awkward….

There is something about the disconnect of a screen that really adds to the awkwardness of these chats. And don’t even get us started on the signing on and off – since when have we waved liked that!

Please let everyone look a mess together!

Looking like you have gone through a hedge backwards is really par for the course of a zoom call at this point in 2020. Thankfully this slightly bedraggled look is one that most of you classmates tend to share during an early morning class.

How much does my background give away?

There truly is nothing worse than reaching the end of a call only to realise that your Mount Everest summit of clothes was visible in the background the whole time! Or that half of the household’s mugs are sat in your bedside table. Sorry Mum!

Is this a camera’s on or off situation?

It would be really helpful to know in advance what the unofficial dress code is. Do we need to look presentable today or is it a blank screen and haven’t washed my hair in days sort of call?

Am I frozen?

It is an inevitable guarantee at this point that when the WiFi cuts out, my screen will freeze on my face in the weirdest pose. I might start making a collage out of the awkward contortions.

I really hope we don’t have to talk

The logistics of speaking on a zoom call and not cutting out mid-sentence or interrupting someone else is far too complicated for my liking.

Who is drilling in the background?

The bigger the group call the greater the chance someone will forget to mute themselves. Hence the cacophony of background noise that erupts through the speakers.

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Who is drilling in the background?

That momentary panic when someone cuts out or freezes and you have to investigate whether their WIFI is the problem or if it’s yours.

“It’s not you, it’s me”

Who has the teacher on speaker?

Repetition might be the key to knowledge sinking in but there are definite limits to this. One of these includes an echoed and accidental repetition that pierces the playback!

Can they hear me eating my lunch?

Zoom calls at certain times of the day will inevitably clash with one of my many desperately required snack or meal times. You simply cannot do online algebra without plenty of fuel. Or even more frequent coffee breaks!

Have you experienced many of these thoughts during a Zoom class?

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