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10 Tricks To Boost Your Body Confidence

10 Tricks To Boost Your Body Confidence

Team Missy

In the age of social media and everyone #livingtheirbestlives in their extremely photoshopped pictures, it can be so easy to feel absolutely awful about yourself.

Here are some simple tricks to help boost your body confidence…

Stand Tall

Not only will you look around a stone lighter (it’s true!), but you’ll also give off more confident vibes than if you’re hunched over like yer man from Lord of The Rings.

Imagine that someone is pulling a string to straighten up your spine, roll your shoulders back and chin up. See? Better already!

Stop With The Comparisons Already!

Everyone in the world (yes, even Ariana!) has insecurities. Don’t go thinking that you’re the only one.

Comparison is the thief of joy. If you’re so focused on everyone else there’s no way that you could possibly appreciate yourself.

Guaranteed your friends are dealing with the same issues. The next time you see your bestie, compliment her on her outfit, hair, eyeshadow – if we were all a little more liberal with our compliments we probably wouldn’t be half as self-conscious as we are.

Pamper Yourself

I don’t know about you, but I feel so much better about myself when my toenails are painted, my legs are silky smooth and I’ve done my clay face-mask. Dedicate time once a week to pampering yourself. You are worth it after all!


Dress For You, And Not For Anyone Else

Skinny jeans, crop tops, skyscraper heels and catwalk-makeup might look fab on 1% of the population, but if you don’t fall into that bracket (honestly same!), don’t beat yourself up about it.

Instead of staring longingly at the outfit your BFF is wearing, concentrate on fining a style to suit YOU!

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Instead of standing in front of the mirror wishing you were taller/thinner/blonder/had bigger lips, start concentrating on how good you’ve good got it.

How would you describe yourself to a stranger? Around 5’5′, long hair, blue eyes, killer smile? See? That’s the difference between how other people see you and how you see yourself.

Figure Out What Your “bad body image triggers” Are And Stay Well Clear

If you feel miserable after scrolling through your Instagram feed it might be time to unfollow the accounts that don’t make you happy.

If going shopping with your friends stresses you out, suggest that you meet them after they’re finished for a trip to the cinema.

Whatever it is that contributes to your negative body image, eliminate it. You don’t have to do this forever either. Chances are if you take a break from that negative space you can begin to improve and come at it from a more positive mind-set in the future.


Figure Out What You Like About Yourself

It’s okay to have certain parts of your body that you’re quite pleased about you know. So what are yours? Collar bones? Ankles? Eyes? Hair colour? Whatever they are, buy clothes that emphaise and don’t hide them. You’ll feel amazing for it.

Find Proper Underwear

To feel good you need to be confident in how you look. That’s not going happen if your bra cup size is too small or if your once white underwear accidentally got mixed in with the coloured wash and it now a strange shade of blue!

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Instead of splashing out on a new top, pick up some perfect underwear instead that fits properly. You’ll feel the difference as soon as you put it on, guaranteed.

Banish Negative Language

This one is easier said than done, but if you’re constantly looking in the mirror and thinking horrible and negative thoughts about yourself of course you’re going to feel terrible.

Tell yourself that you’re not allowed to think or use negative language anymore. Instead, write down things that you like about yourself. Are you kind, thoughtful towards others, good at History? Look at these everyday, or better still stick them on your bedroom mirror, to reinforce the great things about yourself.



Love your body as much as you love learning the modh coinníollach? Then fake it!

Your brain believes what you tell it, so say an affirmation five times a day (something like, “I’m learning to love myself”) and you’ll have yourself convinced in no time.

I know that trying to boost your body confidence is easier said than done, but life is too short to be unhappy in yourself. So, give it a try.

Have you any tips tricks to help boost your body confidence? Let us know on our Instagram!

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