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10 Ways To Make Someone’s Day

10 Ways To Make Someone’s Day

Team Missy

Adding a little sunshine to someone’s day is not only a good deed – it’s good for your karma too! Win, win!

Here are 10 simple ways to make someone’s day..

Listen to your elderly neighbour talk about the good ol’ days

Not only will it make her happy to have a friendly ear, you’ll probably learn a lot about them that you didn’t already know!

Bring someone in need some tea and a cupcake

Whether it’s your bestie who’s devo over a fella or your big sis’ who’s got killer period pains, it’ll make you both feel good. Who doesn’t love a cuppa and chats?

Pass it on

Got a an all-day pass for the Luas that you don’t need anymore? Give it to a fellow commuter rather than just throwing it away. There’s nothing cooler than a random act of kindness from a stranger – especially when it involves public transport!

Give a warm, genuine hug

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your BFF, your mam or your grandad on the receiving end, human warmth and a tender cuddle is scientifically proven to reduce stress.

Make a Spotify playlist

Be a bit old school and put some of your fave tracks in a Spotify playlist for someone special and send it to them. They’ll be so chuffed that you made such an effort.

If you got great service in a shop or restaurant, leave a review online

In the age when everyone loves telling the world about their negative experiences, be the one to shout about a good one. Small business’ especially really rely on Facebook and Google reviews.

Pass on a book you really enjoyed with a personalised inscription

Don’t let old novels gather dust on your shelves; if you think someone else would enjoy it the give it to them to brighten their week.

Plant your BFF’s fave sweets in a places she looks everyday

Pop some sweets in her pencil case, her schoolbag, her make-up bag, even her locker! She’ll get a cute surpise that make her feel special!

Pay a sincere compliment

If you think somebody looks great, has a special talent or totally cool sense of style, tell them! Why keep it to yourself when it might really mean something to them?

Write and post a letter

Everybody loves getting post (unless it’s a bill!), and even if it’s just a collection of quotes, an apology, or a thank you note to your parents for being deadly, it’ll be a lovely sweet surprise and something tangible to cherish.

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Have you any ideas of ways to make someone’s day?

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