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101 Beauty Tips And Tricks: Part Three

101 Beauty Tips And Tricks: Part Three

Team Missy

We are back with part three of our 101 Beauty Tips And Tricks series. Don’t forget to catch up on Part one! and Part 2!

Face Masks

51. Cleanse Before You Cover

You wouldn’t polish a dirty floor and neither should you put a mask on a dirty face. You’ll only get the full benefits if you apply the mask to cleaned skin, which will allow your face to absorb more of the ingredients in the mask. Missy loves Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser.

52. Mud, Glorious Mud

Oily skin responds well to clay or mud-based masks, but never use them on dry skin as they are too harsh. When the mask is removed surface dirt oil and dead skin cells adhere to the clay and are rinsed away with the mask. If you suffer from an oily T-zone but dry cheeks, apply the mud mask only in the T-zone area and use a gentle moisturising mask for the cheeks. Missy loves L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask Multi-Masking Kit.

53. Post-Mask Moisture Boost

Always moisturised directly after using a mask, unless the mask is a leave-on product and you are instructed to rub off the residue. With dead skin cells sloughed off and pores unclogged, your moisturiser will sink in more deeply and have greater penetrating results. Missy loves First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturiser.


54. Peak A Pout

Instead of completely outlining the lips for a bigger pout just pencil in the cupid’s bow, the centre of the bottom lip and the corners of the mouth with a natural shade. This will enhance the shape of your lips, bringing attention to the edges and going the a fuller appearance. Missy loves Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner.

54. Afraid Of The Dark

Don’t use a lipliner much darker than your lipstick to define your lips.

54. Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth!

Once you’ve applied your lipstick, put your forefinger in your mouth and then (just like a lollipop) slowly pull it out. All the lipstick that would have ended up on your teeth will have been successfully removed and you will be able to smile with security.

55. Make Do And Blend

If you can’t find the right shade, mix it up by using your existing lipsticks to create new colours. Simply blend the colours onto the back of your hand with a lip brush and apply directly to your lips.

56. Be A Good Chap

Use a Chapstick as a lip primer under colour. The waxiness smooths the lip surface, fills in tiny lines and will help hold the colour for longer. This is particularly useful under matt colours, which can add to the appearance of dryness. Missy loves Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm.

57. Fingertip Tester

When choosing a lipstick never apply the tester directly to your lips. For hygiene reasons the best place to test is your fingertips where the colour and texture of skin is closest to yours.

58. Be A Gloss Leader

Create fullness with a spot of gloss in the middle of the mouth, particularly on the upper lips which will appear fuller as a result.

59. Get Flawless Colour

To achieve the exact colour of the lipstick on your lips apply a nude lip pencil to your lips before the lipstick. It will also help keep the lipstick in place for longer and reduce the chances of smudging.


60. Wear Light Layers

Three or four coats of thinly applied mascara are more alluring and natural looking than one or two clumsy applications. When it comes to eyelashes, the thinner the better! Missy loves Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.

61. Go Wide

Concentrate mascara application on the outside of the eye – this will help to widen eyes and bring attention to the curved edges, making them look so much better.

62. Condition You Eyelashes

Rub Vaseline into eyelashes overnight. This will help keep your lashes conditioned and prevent any breakage of the ends. Use the original one, for obvious reasons!

63. Get The Wiggles

When applying mascara, wiggle your wand on the base of the lashes. It’s the mascara near the roots – not the tips – that gives the illusion of length and thickness.

64. Monogamous Mascara

Never share mascara – just don’t do it! This is the most common way to pass on eye infections such as conjunctivitis. Eww!

65. Curl Before You Coat

Curl your lashes before you apply mascara, then the roots will be easier to get at and you can ensure a more effective, all-over colouring of colour. It will also open up your eyes.

Tools Of The Trade

66. Blend It Well

Everyone needs a blending brush – this should be different from the one you use to apply your eyeshadow, which gets covered in the product. Blending brushes should be soft and clean, and used to give make and more natural look. Miss moves MAC 224 Blending brush, but Penneys do an amazing dupe in a doublepack for €4!

67. Wash Throughly

Wash your makeup brushes frequently to keep them free and bacteria-free. If someone else uses your brushes was them throughly before you use them again or you risk introducing bacteria into your makeup. Missy loves Boots Solid Makeup Brush Cleanser.

Home Spa

68. Boost Bathing With Epsom

When Epsom salts (aka magnesium sulphate) are absorbed through the skin in a bath, they help to draw toxins from the body, reduce swelling and relax muscles as the skin cools afterwards. Mix a handful of Epsom salts with a handful of sea salt and a splash or bath oil. You can buy Epsom salt in your local health shop.

67. Copy Cleopatra

Cleopatra was famous for her smooth skin and milk baths. Follow her beauty secret by adding 3 cups of powdered milk or fresh milk to a warm bath. The lactic acid in the milk will soften and gently exfoliate skin.

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68. Bubble Bath

Many bubble baths and foams can be extremely drying, so if you are planning to have a long soak make sure the formula includes softening oils in the ingredients. Missy loves Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath.

69. Give Yourself The Brush-Off

Improving skin circulation – by body brushing, scrubbing and massage – will even-out skin tone and boost oxygenation of the cells. leading to fresher, smoother glowing skin. Missy loves Botanics Long Handled Body Brush.

70. End The Day With Lavender

Lavender oil is skin-soothing, can help alleviate aches and pains, and is a marvellous sleeping aid. Try adding five or six drops of the essential oil into a warm bath before bed to ensure you get your beauty sleep.


71. Maximise Nail Growth

To stimulate nail growth, massage the base of the nails with cuticle oil several times a day. This will stimulate and nourish the nail bed, encouraging nail growth. Missy loves Sally Hansen Vitamin E & Cuticle Oil.

72. File First

For at-home manicures, file first before you remove old nail varnish. The polish keeps the nail protected and if you use a remover first, the nail will be weakened.

73. Do The Dip Tip

To speed up nail varnish drying, run nails under cold water for ten minutes to help varnish form a hard, knock-free coating in no time.

74. Hard As Nails

For weak or brittle nails, apply a nail straightener every day for a week, then remove and leave the nails to rest for a few days before repeating for another week, if necessary. Missy loves OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener.

75. Nice Girls Don’t Bite

To help you stop biting your nails visit a nail bar. When your nails are nicely done, you’re less likely to bite them. A sure-fire way to stop biting your nails is to invest in a set of falsies. Your teeth won’t like the feel of the acrylic nail fibres and it will help you kick the habit. Plus your nails will look great!

Next week we’ll have the fourth and final part in the series, and it’s all about hair!!

Taken from 1001 Little Beauty Miracles: Secrets and Solutions from Head to Toe by Esme Floyd.

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