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4 Simple Hacks to Sneak More Health Into Your Diet

4 Simple Hacks to Sneak More Health Into Your Diet

Neasa Murphy

Trying to eat well can feel like a bit of a minefield sometimes.
First, there’s all the conflicting advice out there about various diets…Vegan, gluten free, keto, paleo- you name it, people argue about it. Then there’s the fact that trying to eat a little healthier often means breaking a bad habit or two, and that can be really hard. Add in a busy schedule, a social life, and the completely human part of you that just needs a treat, and it all becomes rather a lot to think about. Who needs that stress? No one, that’s who.
When we get stressed about food, it’s a mess. We either give up on eating healthily altogether, and go way overboard on junk food, or we go way overboard with rules and restrictions, leaving ourselves no joy in our food.
We all need as many nutrients and vitamins as possible throughout the day, this much we know for sure! So, we’ve gathered some healthy hacks to help you squeeze more good stuff into your food without too much hassle or stress.
Remember to always speak to your doctor if you’re worried about your diet, and never be hard on yourself when it comes to food. We all need a little chocolate here and there!
Here are our hacks to squeeze more health into your diet throughout the day.

Sprinkle seeds on your food to add nutrition

Seeds are a super handy little ingredient. There are lots of different kinds out there, but generally they’re all very nutritious, and easy to add to food. What’s more, some seeds are so small you don’t taste them or notice them on your food much at all, which is handy if you’re not into strong flavours.
Flaxseeds, for example, are very small, full of fibre and omega-3 fats, and don’t have much of a flavour. They’re great ground into a smoothie. Chia seeds are also so tiny and mild in flavour, so you won’t notice small amounts of them in your food.  You can sprinkle seeds over your toast, on your cereal, over some yogurt and fruit, on a salad…seeds here, seeds there, seeds everywhere!

Hide some dark leaves in a smoothie or some pesto

Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale are full of stuff that’s great for you- folate, vitamin C, vitamin K, and calcium, to name a few. They’re great in salads and other meals, but if you just don’t like them, you can trick yourself into eating them by hiding them in other food.
Spinach blends quite nicely into a berry smoothie and makes it a little more balanced. It might change the colour a little, but it won’t affect the taste much. You can also blend it up and pour it over pasta, then add some green pesto. Still taste that spinach? Didn’t think so!

Make some flavoured water

We all get bored with water sometimes, but it’s super important to drink lots of it. By adding some lemon, some cucumber, or even some frozen berries, you can avoid water boredom, and potentially squeeze in some more vitamins. Some water-soluble vitamins, like vitamin C, can leak into the water, giving you a little more nutrition.
If you’re a fan of bubble tea, try adding chia seeds to your water.  We picked up this fun trick from dietician Sadia Badiei on her YouTube channel Pick Up Limes. It’ll add more fibre to your day and help keep your water interesting.

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Eat a raw veggie on the side

Feel like having pizza for dinner? Craving a takeaway? Feeling guilty about the lack of vegetables? Don’t deny yourself what you want or feel guilty…just grab a carrot and eat it while you’re waiting for your Deliveroo – problem solved.
Sometimes trying to weave healthy food into what we’re craving is just too complicated. If it’s one those “just not here for cooking” nights, a raw veggie is all you need as a snack while you’re waiting for your takeaway. It’s hassle-free, and gets the job done. Plus, so many vegetables are nice when they’re raw; carrots, bell peppers, cucumber, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes…

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