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5 Things Wrong With Netflix’s New Show, Insatiable!

5 Things Wrong With Netflix’s New Show, Insatiable!

Jessie Bennett

To say Netflix’s new show, Insatiable, has caused a stir on the internet is a serious understatement. The show, starring Debbie Ryan, has had it’s fair share of controversy. The trailer caused a huge stir when it was first released. Although the cast and creators insisted people would think differently once it aired, Insatiable has failed to do anything but enrage audiences further.

As we here at Missy believe in an impartial approach, we sat down to watch Insatiable with an open mind.  But sadly, no matter how much we love Debbie Ryan, we couldn’t get on board with this disaster of a production. So, we have put together the 5 things we think are wrong with Netflix’s new show, Insatiable!


1. “Skinny Is Magic”…

When we heard these words uttered from the mouth of the protagonist Patty (Ryan), our jaws dropped! Did someone really think it was wise to put those words in a script in 2018?! We know so much about eating disorders and triggers in this day and age, that there really is no excuse for thinking it funny, satirical (or any other writing device you can think of) to allow that line to be uttered even once. So the fact that it’s said several times throughout the 12 episodes of Insatiable is shocking!


2. Guns Are Used As Comic Relief

Now, unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past while, you will know the US has had an issue with gun violence and school shootings for a very long time. As of June, there were 154 mass shootings in America in 2018 alone. So why the creators of this show thought it would be a great bit of comic relief to pop a gun into Insatiable (and in the hands of its ditziest character we might add), is really beyond comprehension.

3. Feminism Takes A Backseat

The show centres around a lot of female characters, and whilst you may be thinking isn’t it great that there’s a show representing female characters on screen, think again. The tropes used in this show kick feminism right where it hurts… A particular example that resonated strongly with this us is, “turns out you can’t have it all.” These words are uttered my Magnolia as her mother is shown to be torn between her work life and her home life. In an age where women are standing up for equality in the workplace and proving they can balance work and children etc. it’s a real setback for young women to be given the impression that this is false, and essentially can’t be aspired to.

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Now we’re not saying young women are going to live their lives based around Insatiable, but the creators could’ve shown that yes, women in fact can “have it all”. Your Mam’s probably doing it right now!

5 Things Wrong With Netflix's New Show, Insatiable!

4. Making Light Of Sexual Harassment/Assault

You may have noticed a recurring theme here, Insatiable is full of elements that make you want to shout at your screen “but why?!?!?”. The show making light of sexual assault and harassment was one of those moments for us. Again, in a time when issues around sexual assault are being brought to the forefront of our society, you would think creators would highlight this rather than use it for a cheap laugh. Bob, lawyer/pageant coach, is accused of “touching” a young a girl inappropriately by her stage mom when she fails to win a pageant. Not only is this false accusation of a serious crime treated casually, a storyline of statutory rape is also handled in a nonchalant manner.

And Finally…

5. It’s Just A Bit Boring…

Overall, the story is very slow to progress, and when it does it’s just a bit boring if we’re being honest. Usually Netflix produces shows that have us binging for days on end, sadly Insatiable failed to do so. It felt like a chore to watch. The lack of character development, and story arc really left this show lacking.

Did you watch Insatiable? What were your thoughts?

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