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5 Upbeat Songs That Are Perfect For Your Running Playlist

5 Upbeat Songs That Are Perfect For Your Running Playlist

Neasa Murphy

The year 2020 could easily be re-titled the year of the Irish Running Boom. It seems we’re all out bouncing around our local green areas with our earphones in and our runners laced up. Running can take a little getting used to, but it’s a great way to get some exercise this summer. It doesn’t require a gym or any equipment- all you need to run is some good footwear and the will to keep going!
Like all exercise, running should be fun. Heading out to tackle a hill or an imaginary finish line should feel like an inspiring challenge, not a chore.  If you’re not used to running, the determination to build up your stamina can sometimes turn a beautiful run into a difficult, boring task. The good news is, the right playlist can do a lot for both new and seasoned runners who need a little boost. So, we’ve put together a list of songs that are perfect for your running playlist.
As always, safety first, so if you’re listening to music while running be extra careful and give people you pass plenty of space for social distancing. If you’re new to running, it’s important to build your distance up slowly, stretch, and do some strength exercises to avoid injuries. Check out our article (insert Couch to 5k link here) for tips!
Here are our top 5 running songs…

Stupid Love, Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga made one thing very clear when she burst onto our radios with Stupid Love in February this year- she is the ultimate pop queen. She might experiment with different styles of music à la her 2016 album Joanne, or even act in blockbuster movies with Bradley Cooper, but Gaga can return to her early 2000s glory and knock out a pop hit any time she likes. It’s in her DNA. Stupid Love is loud, upbeat, and inspiring. It’s a perfect reminder that humans can do incredible things when we want to, and a great one to get your run off to an energetic start.

Taki Taki, DJ Snake Ft Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B

There are two things in this song that never fail to create good music. The first is a Latin beat, the second is a made-up phrase that just flows. When Taki Taki came out, Selena Gomez was going through a hard time personally, but with some time off and the right support, she got through it and returned to her fans with her 2020 album Rare. She also just released Boyfriend, which is another absolute tune. So, in one song, you’ve got an inspiring story, and the urge to dance- a perfect recipe for exercise!

Run the World (Girls), Beyoncé

An obvious choice? Perhaps. But effective? Definitely! Remember what we said about exercise being a fun, inspiring challenge? Well no one does inspiration better than Beyoncé. In fact, add a few Beyoncé tracks to the list for good measure. You might be sweaty and tired, but you’ll pretty much feel like you can do anything with this song in your ears. “Me? New to running? Pfft…I run this mother…”

Side to Side, Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj

Every time Ariana and Nicki get together you know it’s gonna be good. Side to Side is the perfect mid-run song, so stick it about half-way through your playlist. It’s got the perfect beat and tempo to keep you steadily bouncing along- not too fast, not too slow. Even the video for this song is gym-inspired, and we love a theme that just comes together, right?

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Pump It, The Black Eyed Peas

First released in 2009, this one’s kind of an oldie now, but definitely a goodie and perfect for exercise. When making Pump It, The Black Eyed Peas used an old piece of music called Misirlou which is associated with American surf rock and seriously makes you want to go dancing on the beach. This song is super high-energy and fun, so it’s perfect for the end of a run when you need one last push. Also, The Black Eyed Peas are iconic. That is all.
Have you been running since lockdown?

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