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5 YA Books You Have To Read This Summer

5 YA Books You Have To Read This Summer

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There’s just nothing like sitting in the sun on a hot, summers day reading a book!

Whether your making the most of the fine weather or if you’re looking for something to keep you engrossed on holiday, here are the 5 YA books you have to read this summer…

Eve Of Man by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher

We already chatted about Eve Of Man, but we loved it so much we are more than willing to talk about it again.

This is the first book in a trilogy by author Giovanna Fletcher and her husband, Tom. You may know Tom from his time in McFly/McBusted and his seriously impressive Wedding Speech. The book follows two narrators, Eve and Bram. Eve is pretty darn special because she’s the first girl born in FIFTY YEARS. So, basically the future of humanity rests on her shoulders. No pressure! 

Eve has always accepted her fate and never questioned her life cut off from the rest of the world. Until she meets Bram. Then she starts to realise that life mightn’t be what it seems.

Eve Of Man really gets you thinking about the future, humanity and our morals. It feels very current with a lot of talk about the TV adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s full of action and adventure and a few plot twists. We can’t wait for book 2!

War Storm by Victoria Aveyard

The 4th and final (sob!) part of The Red Queen series is HUGE, so it’s definitely going to keep you occupied. 

The story continues on from where it left off in King’s Cage with Mare dealing with Cal’s betrayal (we’re seriously still not over that!) The problem is they’re going to have to learn to work together to bring down Cal’s evil half-brother, Maven. Awkward! The book is kinda full on, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering the kingdom is in full-on war mode. Prepare for a lot of drama, action and some shocking character deaths! 

We’re still thinking about the ending! If you haven’t already read the other 3 books you’re in for a serious treat!

I Was Born For This by Alice Oseman

I Was Born For This is about obsession and hero-worship and an internationally famous trans musician, it’s about a girl going to London for the first time to meet a friend she’s known for years but never met, it’s about three boys who started from nothing and became gods, it’s about teens who sit in bed reading fanfic and dreaming of being rich and famous and in love, dreaming of a life that is something beyond what they have. 

We just adored this book because it was so relatable. If you loved The Fault In Our Stars, this is for you!

See Also

The Surface Breaks by Louise O’ Neill

This is a feminist retelling of the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale by‘s fave, Louise O’ Neill. Be prepared to question everything about your beloved Ariel from the Disney movie.

The Surface Breaks tells the story of Gaia, a young mermaid who lives deep beneath the sea, off the cold Irish coast. Gaia dreams of freedom from her controlling father. On her first swim to the surface, she is drawn towards a human boy. She longs to join his carefree world, but how much will she have to sacrifice?

Once you really think about the fact that Ariel gave up everything in her life and changed her body to be with a man she didn’t even know, you just can’t stop.

Sami’s Silver Lining by Cathy Cassidy

Sami’s Silver Lining is a beautiful and thought-provoking book which tells the story of Sami, who is forced to flee his home in Syria for safety in England. Sami attempts to begin a new life but struggles to overcome the pain of the past. Memories of the long and dangerous journey across icy waters, armed with only his dad’s old coat, a flute and the hope of a brighter future, are never far away.

Although this is fiction, it’s obviously based around the true and scary situation that thousands of migrants find themselves in. Sami’ Silver Lining is more than just a holiday read and will stay with long after you finish the last page.

What summer reads are you loving?

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