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10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last

10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last

Team Missy

You spend an eternity perfecting your makeup, only to look in the mirror two hours letter to see it morph into something from a horror movie. First World Problems, we know. But it’s so annoying! And keeping your makeup in-tact is especially tricky during the summer heat.

But fear not, is here to  share some tips and tricks to help make your makeup last, no matter the weather situation.

1. Skin Prep

How well your makeup lasts is already being determined before you even apply your makeup! Your skin care is a huge part of the process, so don’t neglect it. Exfoliation is key to prepping your skin for makeup application – the smoother the surface, the more even it can be applied and therefore the longer it lasts. Missy Loves Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It Pore Refining Facial Scrub. Moisturising is also super important as it helps with keeping your skin hydrated. If you suffer from oily skin it’s even more important that you chose the correct moisturiser to help control oil production. Missy Loves Image Daily Matte Moisturise SPF 32.

2. Prime Time

Try to get an oil-free, water-based primer; this will help your foundation from slipping or moving around. Primers help “seal in” your moisturiser to give you a blank canvas effect when applying your foundation. This helps prevent your makeup from “slipping off” during the day. Missy Loves Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and NYX Professional Makeup Shine Killer.

The same principle applies to eyeshadow and although there are some great eyeshadow primers on the market like Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, we highly rate using a concealer all over the eye area to act as a base. Missy Loves Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer by Catrice.

3. Make Foundation Last

Use an oil-free foundation to ensure that it stays put. Oil based products make it more likely that makeup will “slide” out-of-place. If you have dryer skin, make sure you moisturise well before using an oil-free foundation. Missy Loves Revlon Color Stay Foundation.

4. Layer It

Less really is more if you want to make your makeup last all day. Try using a Beauty Blender to apply light layers to create a smooth and even complexion. Building up your makeup products in light layers will make it last way longer than applying one heavy layer, and it always looks more natural too. Try applying a light, even layer first and then “top up” any additional areas that you feel might need a tad more coverage. There’s no point in caking lots of makeup on an area that simply doesn’t need it, only for it to “slide” off later on.

5. How To Eyeshadow In Place

To keep to eyeshadow in place and to stop it creasing, dip your eyeshadow brush in a priming spray before applying on eyelids. This is a great trick when applying a shimmery eye shadow. Not only does it help lock down the pigment to last all day, it also gives a ‘foiled’ effect to the eyeshadow. Missy Loves NYX Professional Makeup Makeup Setting Spray.

6. Wear Waterproof

Opt for a waterproof mascara to keep your eyes smudge free all day long. Mascaras and eyeliners tend to smudge under the eyes easily in warm environments. Try a waterproof formula so that you don’t get the ‘raccoon effect’ after a few hours. Also make an effort to keep your hands away from your eyes, which is way tricky than it sounds, amirite?

7. Set It

To make your makeup last all day, apply a powder to set both your foundation and the concealer under your eyes. Baking has become hugely popular as a way to set makeup. We talked about it a bit more previously. This not only mattifies by soaking up excess oil left on the skin, but it will also set your makeup for way longer. Missy Loves Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder and Revolution Bake and Finish Powder as a budget alternative.

Think about getting a pressed powder so you can take it with you to soak up oil throughout the day. Missy Loves NYX Professional Make Up High Definition Finishing Powder.

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8. Setting Spray Is A Must’

A setting spray is the key component to make your makeup last. Setting sprays are great because they act as a “seal” for makeup. Setting Sprays are also great for refreshing makeup throughout the day. Missy Loves the hyped MAC Prep + Prime Fix Mini as it’s great to pop in your bag and it’s far more affordable that the big bottle.

9. Blot It

Using blotting papers to soak up oil during the day is great, but be careful as sometimes they can remove the makeup along with the shine. Instead of using blotting papers, try using Mini Miracle Complexion Sponges to soak up unwanted shine throughout the day. And they’re super handy to keep in your bag!

10. Keep the essentials with you

To keep your makeup looking fresh all day long, keep the essential products in a bag to touch up throughout the day. Make sure to keep your Mini Miracle Complexion Sponges with you to soak up unwanted shine, your lipstick to reapply lightly and your pressed lightweight powder to touch up by lightly tapping the product into the skin. Always select budget versions of your favourite products to keep in your bag, especially on nights out to avoid dealing with the horror of something expensive going missing. If we had a euro for every time we’ve lost our Velvet Teddy… .

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