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7 Ways to Save Money During The Summer

7 Ways to Save Money During The Summer

Sophie Coffey

Finally! After what has simultaneously felt like the longest and shortest academic year ever, summer has at last arrived.

The summer might mean a reprieve of your scholarly habits but it’s unlikely that the same can be said of your spending ones.

To help you get the most out of your break without breaking the bank, here are seven simple ways to save money during the summer.

Reduce your travel costs

The summer holidays offer plenty of opportunities to escape the house and meet up with friends. While this can be a great chance for some freedom it can add up if you are making regular and frequent trips. While we don’t recommend walking the length and breadth of your country to save money, consider replacing some of your shorter commutes with walking or cycling. You might be surprised by how much this could save you over the summer months.

Find activities for free

Keeping busy or socialising during the summer does not have to mean paying for every activity. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself occupied that don’t involve spending a penny. Try to include some of these in your plans to reduce the impact on your purse. Lots of parks, galleries and museums offer free entry. Equally some attractions provide a reduced rate for students so be sure to check the website before booking anything.

Swap and save

The summer holidays would not be the summer holidays without a few treats and 99s (flakes dependent on global shortages!). However, if you are finding your spending habits are dramatically increasing try to substitute some of your more costly eating out purchases with cheaper home-made alternatives. This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the taste or enjoyment either. You can usually buy larger quantities of treats at lower prices if you shop in the supermarket.

Earn some money

This is not necessarily a step to help you save money, but it is a way to incur a financial gain instead of a loss! Consider searching around for a part-time job or some summer work to help fund your break. We have some great tips to help you land your first summer job. Babysitting can also be a handy way of earning a little extra cash too.

Shop second-hand

Second-hand shopping is a great way of saving some money without scrimping on quality or sacrificing some amazing purchases. Thrifting also has important benefits for the environment and contributes to a less wasteful fashion industry so this is definitely a valuable endeavour.

Resist the pull of online shopping

It’s so tempting we know! But if your love of online shopping is putting a dent in your summer fund then maybe take a step back from the virtual basket! And now that non-essential retail has reopened try to avoid the combination of online and in-person spending splurges. If you’re stuck in a shopping cycle, then check out our top tips for the online shopaholic!

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Track your spending

Across a three-month summer it can be easy to lose track of what you are spending. This is particularly true if you tend to pay by card and have to intentionally check your account for your precise balance. While you might not need to religiously track every cent you spend, it is helpful to have at least an approximate idea of any expenditure. Try to be aware of multiple small purchases that accumulate quickly as well as any larger payments.

Revolut makes it easy to track your payments and see exactly where you are spending your money.

Do you have any tips for ways to save money during the summer?

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