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A Broke Teen’s Guide to Budgeting

A Broke Teen’s Guide to Budgeting

Sarah Kirwan

Short on cash? Can’t get a job? No clue how to budget? I know the feeling, which is why I’ve made an all-in-one guide to making the most of your money.

Decide What’s Important

Do you prefer spending money on experiences or products? Spending money going out with friends or treating yourself to a takeaway? Saving for something expensive or buying lots of cheaper things? Take these into account when budgeting your money.

For example, if you want to splurge when going out with friends, you can spend your money knowing you’re enjoying yourself and making new memories.

However, if you prefer to treat yourself, don’t feel guilty about doing so as there are many ways to hang out with friends for free, such as going for walks or even just hanging out at your house!

Don’t Be Afraid To Go For The Cheaper Option

Going out can be stressful if you don’t have much cash. All of your friends could be buying more expensive things and you might feel pressured to do the same. Don’t worry though, no one us going to judge you more buying a burger instead of a wholemeal, in fact, no one will even notice!

Save On Clothes Shopping

At first, it can seem hard not to spend hundreds of euros when shopping, but when you put in a little effort, you can reduce your spendings dramatically.

First step, check out the charity shops near you! If you take a while to look you can find some really cute pieces that cost practically nothing!

Another great way to save money is by signing up for newsletters for different shops. You can get access to presale offers, exclusive discount codes and more! Also check out student discount options. Keep an eye out for these and they can drastically reduce the price of your new clothes.

Look For Free Activities To Do

Sometimes, we can miss out on huge things purely because we don’t look for them. If you keep an eye out, you’ll probably find that there are so many things to do that cost nothing. From clubs to concerts, you’re bound to find a budget-friendly way to have fun.

Make A Commitment To Save Money

One of the best ways to manage your money is to make a commitment to start saving it. It doesn’t have to be huge amounts, but making an effort to put even 20% off all money that you get away in a savings account adds up over time. If you are lucky enough to get pocket money every week, put a few euro of it to one side every week. Even the smallest amount adds up over time. Think of it like this, if you save €2 every week that €104 at the end of the year that you can use to treat yourself to something at Christmas.

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Good saving habits will always stay with you in life.

Are you good with budgeting your money or are you a spend it all now type of person?

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