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A COVID-19 Safe Summer Bucket List

A COVID-19 Safe Summer Bucket List

Sarah Kirwan

School is starting back at the end of August, which means we only have a few more weeks of summer holidays left! If you haven’t got any plans yet, don’t worry!

Here’s a bucket list of some of the best things to do this summer that are still COVID-19 safe…

Try A New Hobby

Summer may be almost over, but you can use this time to start something new. If you really enjoy it, you could continue it in the school year. Hobbies such as running, swimming and dance can help you stay healthy throughout the school year, which is a great bonus!

Have Some Fun

Arrange that day out with your friends that you’ve been talking about for weeks! Spend some time with your family! Run a bubble bath and do a face mask!

 Since school starts back pretty soon, take this time to make memories. Make sure to stay safe when hanging out with friends, there’s no fun in staying at home sick with COVID-19 for weeks!

Catch Up On All Those Shows You’ve Missed

You might not have had enough time to watch season two of Never Have I Ever, or binge watch Stranger Things in the school year, so catch up on them now. Invite some friends over for a movie night, or spend some time alone!

Get Outside

The weather in Ireland may not be the best, but take advantage of the rare days of sunshine by going outside. Go for a run or walk by yourself, or make plans to go to the beach/ lake or cycling with your friends.

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Make sure to enjoy the end of summer, and stay safe!

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