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Christmas Date Ideas

Christmas Date Ideas

Ella Morley
Christmas Date Ideas

When you hear the words Christmas Date you begin to get excited at the prospect of spending time with your significant other.

You may wish to start a new tradition with your partner or maybe you already have some. There is an endless list of ideas to try together when it comes to Christmas date ideas, but there are a few classics.

A movie night

There is nothing better than staying inside with a loved one on a cold winter’s night. Light a fire, wrap up in a blanket and get cosy. Grab some snacks and maybe even some hot chocolate to drink while watching. Select a classic Christmas movie. There are hundreds to choose from so this will be the hardest decision of the evening.

Whether it be a romantic comedy, an action movie or anything in between, you are guaranteed to have a great night.


Christmas baking is an absolute must with your loved one. It is a wonderful way to start off the holidays and leaves you with a delicious treat to share afterwards. Get creative with some cookies or stay simple with some bread. Try a recipe you have never done before or attempt a complicated bake.

Have fun decorating, leave it plain or eat as you go.  For extra inspiration, there are lots of gingerbread decorating kits available. This is a brilliant date idea as it presents you and your partner with a tasty challenge to complete.

Get decorating

Decorating is a great excuse for spending time with your partner. This sometimes tedious task, can become a lot more entertaining when you’re doing it together. Working as a part of a team will take any stress associated with this part of the Christmas season. This activity will prove to strengthen the bond between the two of you. What’s more is that the decorating will be done twice as fast with added laughs and conversation.

Have some Christmas music playing in the background and a few treats to share when all the hard work is done.

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Take A Tour of Local Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are in abundance this year, and there’s nothing more romantic than going to visit some locally either on foot or going on a drive. Grab a hot chocolate for some extra goodness.

Whatever you end up doing together this Christmas be sure to have fun, enjoy yourself and have some laughs along the way.

And unfortunately we have to mention the elephant in the room; you do need to be mindful of the risks of COVID if you and your partner are mixing from different households. But there are still lots of ways you can have some cute Christmas dates!

Have you any Christmas date ideas?

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