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Christmas Movies You’ll Love If You Liked Holidate

Christmas Movies You’ll Love If You Liked Holidate

Róisín Lynch

Nothing quite goes together like mushy rom coms and Christmas. 

Netflix released the ideal modern Christmas rom-com this year, Holidate. Starring Emma Stone, the film tells the story of two strangers who are tired of being single during Christmas so they agree to be each-others boyfriend/girlfriend in order to stop their parents nagging them. 

If you loved it as much as we did here are some other Christmas rom-coms movies if you liked Holidate…

The Princess Switch

Starring Vanessa Hudgens, The Princess switch is about a baker from Chicago switching places with a duchess who looks identical to her. They both end up falling in love with each other’s boyfriends.

A Christmas Prince

A similar vibe to The Princess Switch, A Christmas Prince follows an aspiring journalist who is sent on an assignment abroad and ends up falling in love with a future king.

Last Christmas

A Christmas rom-com with a twist. Aspiring singer Kate works as an elf in a Christmas decoration shop in London and is a little bit frustrated with life…that is until she bumps in to Tom, a man who seems a little too good to be true.

Crown for Christmas

Another royalty themed Christmas romantic comedy! Allie, an American hotel maid who gets fired is then hired by as a governess in the country of Winshire. When she arrives she gets to know King Maximillian very well and a romance blossoms.

Let it Snow

Based on the best-selling novel by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle. Where John Greene is involved you know it’s going to be a good rom-com. The Film focuses on a group of young people who are brought together on Christmas eve after a snowstorm hits their small town.

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The Knight Before Christmas

Que Vanessa Hudgens again! The Knight before Christmas tells the sweet tale of a medieval English Knight who is mysteriously transported to modern America where he ends up meeting and falling in love with a high school science teacher who doesn’t really believe in love.

Holiday In The Wild

Last but not least is Holiday In The Wild. Another toughing romantic Christmas movie, except this time the setting is a little different. After Kate divorces her husband she decides to go on a solo trip to Africa. While she’s there she meets Derek who she rescues a baby elephant with, while they nurse the elephant back to health together, a romance begins to blossom.

Now all you have to do is grab some hot chocolate, a blanket and your favourite pair of pyjamas and get lost in the world of Christmas rom-coms for a few days!

What other movies would you recommend if you liked Holidate?

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