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Here's What You Can and Can't Do As We Enter Phase 1 of Lockdown Exit

Here's What You Can and Can't Do As We Enter Phase 1 of Lockdown Exit

Team Missy

Today, Monday 18 May, we are moving into Phase One of the roadmap to exit the restrictions introduced in Ireland to combat COVID-19.

We know it’s so tempting to want to return to normal life, but it’s really important that we all continue to observe the rules. Phase One has resulted in the lifting of some rules and it’s really important that we follow the new rules and not get ahead of ourselves.

Here’s what you can and cannot do during Phase One…

You Can

  • Meet with family and friends outside if you maintain a social distance of at least 2 meters.
  • Travel up to 5km from your home
  • Meet with up to 3 people at one time

You Cannot

  • Have any physical contact with anyone outside your household. That means no hugging, kissing, holding hands etc with anyone you meet.
  • Enter anyone else’s house. If you meet someone it has to be outside. So that means no popping over to your besties house, your granny, family, boyfriend/girlfriend etc
  • Meet in groups larger than 4 
  • Go further than 5km to meet someone

It’s been a long 2 months and we all want to see our loved ones and give them a hug, but we can’t yet.

The virus is still out there and we still face a very real risk of it coming back and being worse than the first wave. We are still being advised to stay home as much as possible. Maintaining strict social distancing, hand hygiene and containing coughs and sneezes are still essential. 

It’s important that we all stick to the guidelines. If everyone follows through on the same thought of “oh I’ll just do that, it will be grand” we will be in a huge mess.

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Lead By Example

At we represent you. So, it was really frustrating to see people take to social media a few weeks ago to wrongly blame younger people for flouting the social distancing guidelines. A small minority of all age groups broke the guidelines, but it was younger people who got the brunt of criticism. It wasn’t teens who needed a police road block to stop them driving down to their coastal holiday homes, ya know.

With that in mind, please lead by example over the next few weeks. Meet your friends and family, but keep 2 meters apart at all times and don’t meet more than 3 people at one time.

If we get this right we can move onto Stage 2 and hopefully beat this terrible virus once and for all.

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