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Will ‘Normal People’ Get A Season 2?

Will ‘Normal People’ Get A Season 2?

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No sooner had we finished gobbling up the entire 12 episodes of Normal People did we find ourselves wondering “will there be a season 2 of Normal People?” and it seems we are not alone in our thirst for more Connell, Marianne and Connell’s chain.
There have been some whisperings of a second season online, so we put our detective hates on and tracked down all the info for you!

So, there isn’t another Normal People book…

This is true, BUT that doesn’t mean that there 1. won’t be another Normal People book ever, Sally Rooney could well write one. 2. they could just make a second season, no book necessary.
Sally Rooney was vey active in the TV adaptation of her book, which is why it was so faithful to the source material. So, she could work with the producers to figure out what happens to Connell and Marianne after we said goodbye to them.

BBC are ‘desperate’ to start work on Normal People season 2

It has been said that the BBC is ‘desperate’ to start work on the next installment following the first season’s record-breaking success.
Talking to The Mirror, an insider claimed: ‘The BBC are desperate to get going on series two. The viewing numbers are huge and they want more of the same.
‘They want to strike while the iron is hot and get working on the series as soon as possible.’ The source added: ‘Their hope is to roll out the series in a similar time frame to Killing Eve. But it all depends on if they can get Sally Rooney on board.’
Give the people what they want, Sally!!

The creators seem keen to revisit Connell and Marianne

Lenny Abrahamson, who co-directed the series, dreams of one day continuing their story.
“I have a fantasy of … seeing where they are in 10 years time sort of thing. If I’m not too decrepit at that point,” he told Radio Times. For now, he and showrunner/executive producer Ed Guiney have turned their attention to adapting Sally Rooney’s first novel, Conversations with Friends. “But maybe down the line we’ll come back to Connell and Marianne,” Guiney told Digital Spy.

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The Costume Designer gave a *major* hint

The obsession with Connell’s chain is real! So much so that the Costume Designer, of Normal People, Lorna Mugan, spoke to Ray D’Arcy about it. When asked were one could purchase the chain they used in the show, Mugan declined to say. “We only have one chain in the world at the moment and it’s now with Daisy so I feel that Paul needs his own chain.”
If she were to share where they got the chain, she says, they could be all snapped up from the shops and if the filming team needed another they’d be caught out. “That would be devastating for Paul, I think.”
Riddle me this: why would they need access to another chain??? Maybe because they are planning season 2 of Normal People  and of course the chain is an essential character in it’s own right now!
That’s all the evidence that we have for now, but we could definitely see a second season of Normal People gracing our screens in the future!
Would you like to see ‘Normal People’ season 2?
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