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Second Guessing Your College Course Choice? Here’s What To Do…

Second Guessing Your College Course Choice? Here’s What To Do…

Caoimhe Mahon

You’ve worked so hard and all you really want is to be able to enjoy your course, a course you are passionate about, interested in and good at.

Sadly, for some people though when they arrive at college the reality of their chosen course is far from what they hoped for.

If you find yourself in this position you may feel conflicted and a bit lost so here at Missy, we’ve decided to offer dome advice for this very situation. Here’s what to do if you’re second guessing your college course…

Why did you pick this course?

When you’re having these doubts really start to ask yourself why you chose this course in the first place.

What drew you to that?

Did you have a career in mind?

If you had not have been accepted to that course, how would you have felt ?

Second guessing your college course is normal. Anxiety about starting college and imposter syndrome are things that a lot of people deal with. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in those (very valid) feelings, but in the process you can lose sight of why you wanted to do this course to begin with.

Where are the doubts stemming from ?

Where are these doubts coming from?

Could it maybe be that the course is quite challenging and you need a little more academic support?

Could you be homesick?

Are your friends in a different course and therefore, you are missing the social aspect of the course?

Asking yourself all these questions can really pin point where the root cause of these worries are coming from and you might actually find the source is not related to your course but you are overwhelmed in general.

Other options and interests

Maybe the reality is that your initial course choice is not the best one for you and you find yourself yearning to be sitting in a different lecture hall.

If so, ask yourself this:

  • What are your other interests ?
  • What career path are you drawn to and what qualifications are needed?

Maybe pop along to some induction or information events about potential courses, drop in on lectures and ask around about various courses.

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Ask yourself: Could I see myself going that ?

Talk to someone and get advice

A problem shared is a problem halved so make sure to ask around and get as much advice as possible.

Who can I talk to?

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Career Advisors
  • Peer Mentor
  • Student Advisors
  • Head of School (college faculties)

Do what you love not what sounds good

Don’t pick a course on what sounds good or seems to be the most impressive in society.

After all, you will be the one putting in the time, work and effort so you need to be the one who really enjoys it.

If you really feel like in your gut that you made a mistake, listen to yourself. The sooner you start to take action the easier it will be to look at changing courses. Yes, there are quite a few implications around changing courses or dropping out for a year, but ultimately it’s important to look at the bigger picture, which needs to include your happiness, mental wellbeing and pursuing what you’re passionate about in life.

There is always people who can offer advice and support within your family, friends and university when it comes to your course. So, take this support on board and don’t be afraid to utilise them to ensure you are thriving in a course you love.

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