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How To Build Confidence

How To Build Confidence

Jessie Bennett
Building Confidence

Having confidence when you’re a teenager can seem like a hit and miss type scenario. In a world that seems to focus on looks, money, and who’s wearing the latest “on trend” shoes, feeling confident in yourself can be difficult.

Maybe you don’t agree with the other girls in school that KJ Apa is the best thing to happen to this Earth. Maybe you’re more of a Cole Sprouse type of gal, but of course, you could never admit that… We’re here to tell you that you most certainly should express what your opinions and preferences in life are. It’s just about having the confidence to do so! We at Missy have compiled some tips and tricks to help you in your journey to becoming a more confident person.


Let’s Get Physical…

Experts have said that adjusting your physicality can have a huge impact on your self-confidence. So, by adjusting your stance to a more upright, shoulders back type position, you’ll automatically feel a lot more confident in yourself. It will also show others how confident you are. This is also true for eye contact. When we’re feeling unconfident in a situation we often avoid eye contact with people in an effort to feel less awkward. We’ve all been there. And why it’s difficult to break the cycle. It is really important for your self-confidence that you make an effort to make eye contact. It may feel very uncomfortable at first, but as time goes on you’ll realise how natural it feels and you’ll have the confidence to look people in the eye no matter the situation.


It’s On The Inside What Counts.

Your parentals have probably said it to you a thousand times, but it really is true. In order to have confidence in yourself, you need to understand that you are the best version of you in the world. True, you are the only version of you but actually take a second to soak that idea in and realise how amazing it is! As Oscar Wilde once said “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

You may not “follow the crowd” when it comes to certain things, from movies to books to your beliefs, but that’s perfectly ok. You don’t have to think or act the same as everyone else. Life would be so boring if that were the case!

Have the confidence to express your thoughts and ideas. If others don’t agree that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinions after all. But just because something is popular doesn’t mean you have to go along with it for the sake of it. Confidence really is a state of mind. If you have the mindset that what you have to say and do in life is important, you’ll exude confidence. It’s just a case of having a little self belief.

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You Should Go And Love Yourself

Body image and being confident in your own skin is an issue most of us will face throughout our lifetime. We live in a world where so much emphasis is put on what your body looks like. Women are expected to be curvy, yet slim, whilst men are supposed to be lean and strong, but not bulky. With social media and ad campaigns being full of pictures and Instagrams that are photoshopped and filtered until the person in said picture can’t even recognise themselves it’s not hard to see why there is a huge lack of body confidence in young people. See the backlash to a recent campaign Selena Gomez participated in by Coach here. That’s why it’s so important to take everything you see when scrolling your Insta feed with a (major) pinch of salt.

It’s so easy to focus on our flaws, because we all have them. Sorry to tell you, but Kylie Jenner is not the most au natural person on the planet. It’s sad that she feels the need to keep changing herself. And if she wants to look that way that’s her choice. But how boring is it to see so many people looking like the same cat-faced versions of each other? We cant help but thinking, were does all the surgery end? What will the Kardashians look like in 10 or 20 years?

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Try not to waste your time focusing on things that you don’t like. Channel your energy on something that you love about yourself instead. Is it your Irish eyes? The way your hair curls naturally? Or unique freckles? Pick something and be confident about it. We promise that embracing even one of your great qualities will help melt away the other self-doubt that poisons the mind.


Social Media Is Killing Confidence 

It’s not uncommon for us to come out of the depths of the internet with our confidence in our boots because we don’t have a size 4 waist, or a six-pack, or an extremely round bottom *insert peach emoji here*. But let’s be honest, neither do those people in the pictures. With photo editing apps making it easier than ever to alter your physique and facial features, it really is hard to tell what’s real and what’s not online. But rest assured, nobody expects you to look like these images! They are unrealistic and damaging to young people.

So rather than feel down about not having toned arms or a “thigh-gap” (do not get us started…) take a look at what you have got, and learn to love your body! It’s a lot easier to pick out your flaws. But next time you catch yourself doing this remember the positives, and list them off to yourself in your head. You’ll be surprised how this can up your self-confidence. Recognise yourself for the beautiful creature you are, and don’t be minding the filtered content online.  

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