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How To Cope If You’re Dreading Going Back To School

How To Cope If You’re Dreading Going Back To School

Danielle Mahoney

Sorry to be mentioning the “S” word. I know there’s still a little bit of the summer holidays left and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably in a state of denial about it.

If you’re also like me, the dread of school is probably starting to creep in or maybe it’s already after reaching screaming alarm inside your head.

If you’re struggling with the thoughts of going back to school here’s a little pep-talk…

If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed About The School Year Ahead…

Summer makes it so easy to forget bad grades, looming state exams and all those poets who need to be studied, but with the return to school looming suddenly you’re faced with everything ahead of you in the next school year, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

My advice: make a plan now and set realistic goals. If you’re struggling in a subject don’t over extend yourself trying to jump all the way to an A. Aim for the achievable. Set yourself a goal and then work backwards and see what you have to do to make that happen.

Set yourself up with a doable after school routine now so you’re not faffing around when school starts. Create good habits from the get-go.

And also, take some time between now and school to go over you work and notes from last year. Yes, it’s tedious and annoying to do this job when you’re still on holidays but it will stand to you.

If COVID Is Stressing You Out…

I’m finding that we’re in a really weird space about COVID as a society right now; things are opening up, life is slowly easing back, we’re flying through vaccinations….but the doom and gloom seems to be hanging over it all. Worse case scenarios are still being protected on our screens, rising numbers are being reported and yet life is still kinda, somehow going on.

Going back to school this year is definitely more safe than last year thanks to the vaccines, but it’s still a worry and you are entitled to any worries and fears.

If you are feeling a bit stressed about the COVID situation in school talk to those around you, you’ll most-likely find that you’re not alone.

And, also don’t forget that the COVID situation and keeping you safe is a top priority for schools. Follow your schools advice and just go with the flow, you cannot do anything to change the situation, so just focus on keeping you and those around you safe.

If You’re Starting A New School…

Starting a new school or starting secondary school can be a daunting experience, you’ve all been there at some point.

See Also

We have previously done a number of articles about starting secondary school, dealing with your friends being in a different school and even repeating a year in school.

It is a stressful situation and feels like a lot right now but having a negative outlook on the experience before it even starts is never good. Just think that this time next month the big change will be over and done with and you’ll most-likely have new friends and a whole set of exciting possibilities ahead of you…

I know you might have to dig really deep, but find some level of enthusiasm and positivity about school – it makes the battle so much easier.

If you need any specific advice about going back to school please get in contact with us (anonymously if you wish!) because we’re going to be doing a podcast episode on school and a number of articles. Our email is

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