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How To Cope With Overthinking

How To Cope With Overthinking

Caoimhe Mahon

Just don’t overthink. Stop worrying about every little thing. You are too sensitive.

Word of advice … these are things you should never say to someone who overthinks. If anything this will only heighten those feelings and accelerate the overthinking.

So, how do you manage if you suffer from overthinking and how do you cope if people constantly brush it off with insensitive comments?

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Overthinking is not something you should feel ashamed of nor is it something you should apologise for.

Overthinking can be a daily challenge, it can cause anxiety, distress and emotional exhaustion but it can be eased and you can learn to control it.

Seeking medical advice is a potential option whilst carrying out research is also important so you can get to understand potential signs and triggers.

Overthinking is something that can place stress on you and also place strain on your relationships with family, friends and even romantic partners. However, this is not your fault.

Talking about it, understanding one another and patience is key on both ends to manage your overthinking.

Write things down

Sometimes your thoughts can seem overwhelming and your emotions hard to manage so writing things down can be away to let go of things, rationalise things and process thoughts too.

A diary or a journal can be a great companion. You can park thoughts for when they are building or you don’t have time to deal with them and tackle them when the time is right.

Take a step back

Have some down time and be able to take a step back.

Relaxing is not a bad thing and having time for you should be apart of your daily routine.

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Talk to someone

Talking to a friend, family member or counsellor can be very helpful.

It can put things in perspective and help to sort out your sometimes overwhelming and muddled thoughts.

Don’t be embarrassed and don’t be ashamed.

How do you cope with overthinking?

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