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How Often Should You Be Washing Your Makeup Brushes?

How Often Should You Be Washing Your Makeup Brushes?

Róisín Lynch

Make up brushes, our prized possessions that give us flawless looking makeup year round.

The question is though, are we treating them with as much love as they are us? A common question I hear people asking their friends is “So how often do you wash your makeup brushes?” For some of us it’s every month, others every week and some people even wash them every day! But what’s the right amount? We’ve put our detective hats on to find out just how often you should be washing your makeup brushes!

*Spoiler once a month isn’t enough.

Firstly though, Why it’s important to wash your makeup brushes:

Makeup brushes as we use them and as they sit in their designated storage spot, accumulate dead skin cells, oil, and even bacteria (gross, we know) When we continue to use them to apply our makeup without washing them, they can end up clogging our pores, which lead to breakouts. They can also leave our skin looking dull.

Clean makeup brushes also make for a better finished makeup look. You can be using the best products in the world but if you are using dirty makeup brushes, your makeup is more likely to end up streaky and patchy. No thank you!

Making a point of regularly washing your makeup brushes will prevent all of this from happening.

So how often do I need to wash them?

While many of us, myself included, leave cleaning makeup brushes for as long as possible. It is such a dreaded task. Ask a dermatologist and they will recommend washing your brushes, in particular your foundation and concealer brushes, at least once a week. This prevents a build-up of dirt and oil. Eyeshadow brushes can wait a little longer. Once – twice a month is a good amount of time.

How do I go about washing them? 

The best way to wash your makeup brushes is using a mix of gentle soap and water. Gentle soap is preferred over regular soap, as regular soap can dry out the bristles. Another great option is a brush cleanser combined with water.

What’s the right method to clean your makeup brushes? 

Follow this 7-step routine to get your makeup brushes good as new again!

1. Using luke-warm water, wet the bristles of your brushes.

2. Place a drop of cleanser of choice in to your hand

3. Massage the bristles of your brushes in to the cleanser in your palm. (avoid going near the part of the brush where the bristles connect to the brush handle. This will damage the strength of the glue holding the brush together.)

4. Rinse the bristles thoroughly ( make sure there’s no residue left behind.)

5. Using a hand-towel, squeeze out any excess moisture.

6. Gently reform the bristles to their original shape.

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7. Lie the brushes down with the bristles hanging out over a counter or bath. This allows them to dry in the correct shape!

Get the tools to help!

No point in doing all the hard work yourself! Get your hands on some of these tools to make cleaning your makeup brushes a stress free chore.

Brush Cleaning Trays

Brush cleaning trays are a great tool to have when it comes time to clean your makeup brushes. The trays ensure your brushes get a thorough cleaning. The patterned palette loosens any dirt or residue in the bristles of your brush, leaving you with a brush as good as new. Here’s some of our favourites…

Stylepro makeup brush cleaner and dryer

You’ll never dread cleaning your makeup brushes again with this handy tool! This makeup brush cleaner and dryer by style pro does all the hard work for you. All in 30 seconds as well!

How long can I keep my makeup brushes before buying new ones? 

When you need to purchase new makeup brushes ultimately comes down to the condition of the brush. The more you take care of your brushes and wash them, the longer they will last. Makeup artisit Ashleigh B Ciucci told Elle magazine that a good indicator of when it might be time to get some new brushes is when they start to shed, smell or become discoloured. According to Ciucci as long as your brushes aren’t shedding, smelling or becoming discoloured they can last a lifetime!

How often do you wash your makeup brushes? 

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