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How To Dress Like Enola Holmes

How To Dress Like Enola Holmes

Team Missy

Enola Holmes is definitely one of our favourite Netflix releases this year!

Whilst it is set in 18th Century, there is outfit inspiration to be taken from Enola’s looks throughout the movie. Which is why we put together this piece on how to dress like Enola Holmes!

Here’s How To Dress Like Enola Holmes…

Dazzlingly Demure

Enola’s style can be a tad demure throughout the movie. She does live in 18th Century England and attend an all girls finishing school after-all! Capture her style with super cute neutral tones, a line cutes, and plenty of collars!

Make It Modest

The best thing about dressing like Enola Holmes? The relaxed fits! Enola herself is disgusted at the prospect of wearing a corset (until it saves her life). Thing lose clothing in muted tones to achieve her modest, yet stylish, look!

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Florals For Life

No Enola Holmes wardrobe is complete without some floral patterns! Enola is tough and strong, but that doesn’t mean she can’t fight crime whilst rocking some ditsy floral prints! 

Will you be dressing like Enola Holmes?

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