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How To Revamp Your Wardrobe Cheaply

How To Revamp Your Wardrobe Cheaply

Alannah Murray

Let’s face it. We’re broke.

Or at least we don’t have as much money as we would like to have to afford a whole new wardrobe every few weeks. It’s normal, but it’s not fun. On top of that, our planet isn’t doing great either thanks to our fast fashion habit.

So, wouldn’t it be great if we killed two birds with one stone and got to revamp our wardrobe without spending much money, whilst also reusing so we don’t have a huge impact on the earth?

Here’s how to revamp your wardrobe cheaply…

Thrift shop.

Mackelmore was not wrong when he said “I wear your grandads clothes, I look incredible”. He had the whole thing sorted way back in 2012.

Second hand shops are filled with cheap goodies, you just have to be willing to look. George’s Street Arcade in Dublin has some of the best stocked and cheapest second-hand clothing. There are probably lots of second-hand shops local to you too, all you need is a bit of patience and creativity.

Raid Your Family’s Old Clothes

Retro is in, which means the old boxes of clothes your mam, nana, grandad or anyone in your family have lying around will probably look really good now. Ask around and see if anyone is sitting on a goldmine of good clothes. 

Bedazzle It

Don’t get led astray by brand new outfits each time you need to go to an event. Accessories can change an entire look. Get a shiny belt, throw on a statement necklace, change the shoes or put a mesh top under it. There are lots of small ways that you can change it up. 

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A seriously underrated way to change up clothing! Painting and drawing on clothes can completely change an outfit. Try painting the back pockets of jeans or shorts, or a hoodie. Or something simple like painting your favourite quote onto a plain white t-shirt.

Have A Clothing Swap Party

Have you got some clothes that you don’t wear any more? See if your friends are in the same boat and if so, suggest a clothing swap party. Simply bring along some clothes that you no longer want and get your besties to do the same.

Have you any tips on how to revamp your wardrobe cheaply?

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