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"I Don’t Like Change" – 5 Ways To Help Adjust

"I Don’t Like Change" – 5 Ways To Help Adjust

Jessie Bennett

Change is a big part of life. This year more than ever, we’ve had to adjust and learn to live with change. And quite a few changes at that! If you’ve recently returned to school, you’re probably noticing a lot of changes. Wearing masks, social distancing, no lockers and even staggered lunchtimes in some cases. Whilst it might all be a bit overwhelming at first, there are ways to deal with and adjust to change.

5 Ways To Help Adjust To Change


Acknowledge That Change Is Hard

“No one likes change” is a sentiment we often hear. However, as humans, we’re basically programmed to not like change. Hence why it can be difficult to adjust. By acknowledging the fact that change is difficult and accepting that change is a part of life you’re already on the way to adjust. If you find yourself stressed over change, be proactive and start to take steps to counteract that stress. Don’t just ignore it.

Stick To A Routine

Sticking to a routine can help cope with change. We’re all having to adjust to new ways of living nowadays. By having some sort of routine it makes it easier to adjust when change comes along. During lockdown we didn’t have much routine, and out sense of control over our daily life was somewhat compromised. With school back, we can start to develop a better routine.


Journaling or keeping a diary is a great way to see all of your thoughts and feelings laid out in front of you. If you are struggling to adjust to change, write down how the change makes you feel. Then aim to find at least one positive brought on by the change. By focusing on the positive side of things you can slowly start to counteract your negative feelings toward change, and this will help you to adjust.

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Talk To Friends & Family

Talking about things that make us feel overwhelmed, like change, can really help. Often, you’ll find that your friends and family members might be feeling the same. You can work together to try and find ways to adjust to the changes you’re facing in life. If you are feeling very overwhelmed and anxious, it might be best to seek professional advice.

Don’t Compare Yourself

We can often lead ourselves to believe that we’re the only people feeling a certain way. If you’re finding it hard to adjust to something new in your life, don’t look around and compare yourself to others. Whilst they might seem as though they’re doing fine or coping better with change, that’s not always the case. Comparison can really be the thief of joy, so focus on you and how you’re adapting.

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