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5 Reasons College Is The Best

5 Reasons College Is The Best

Team Missy

Yes, college can be stressful at times and there are serious responsibilities involved, but it’s such a new and exciting adventure.

So whether you’ve just started your first year in college and you need some reassurance, or you’re still a few years off college but need something to look forward to, here are 5 reasons that college is the best…

The Independence

It can be hard to adjust to the change initially, but once you realise just how fab it is to be your own boss, you won’t look back.

As always keep your safety in mind, especially on nights out in a new city, but being able to decide what you do when and what time you go home at can be so thrilling. Independence is great and it really shows who you are. Yes, it is a serious learning curve, but you’ll get there and you’ll be so proud of yourself when you do.

The Societies

Honestly, the best thing about college is the societies. Join all the popular ones, but also join some obscure and random ones too – like archery!

Ask around and see what people recommend. Some colleges like UCD and Trinity are very well-known for having incredible celebrity guest speakers, so it’s well worth investing a few euro in a society. Societies usually have discounts too!

If you’re worried about making new friends societies offer a great chance to get to meet people who have similar interests to you. Having friends outside your course is always a good idea too!

The Social Life

Say hello to a whole new social life. There are nights out galore, balls to attend, silent discos, mystery tours…we could go on and on.

A lot of societies also offer trips away at a lower cost, definitely try do at least one of these – they’re always an interesting experience. If nights out aren’t your thing, there are always sports teams to join or knitting clubs (they’re surprisingly fun!) Find something that interests you.

New Friends

Did you know that most people meet their best friends in college? True story.

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And although you really should keep up your friendships with your gang from school, college is the best for making friends from different places with vast interests. Like we said before, sometimes it’s the person who least expect is the person who you end up becoming BFFs with, so keep an open mind about everyone who you meet. And don’t be afraid to put yourself out there; be the first person to start a conversation. This is a whole new start, so it’s the perfect chance to leave your quiet ways behind, if you so wish.

Realising That Education Can Be Different

Secondary School is hard. And the Leaving Cert is just a soulless pit of learning things off-by heart and hoping for the best. College is completely different.

We hope that you’ve found yourself in a course studying something that you’re truly interested in. A lot of courses also offer you the chance to choose different modules, so you can choose what you study. You’re also encouraged to have your own thoughts and opinions on subjects.

It’s also kinda weird when you realise that you’re not completely governed by the same strict set of rules as school. The first few weeks of not wearing a uniform are pretty strange!

Why do you think college is the best? Let us know in the comments below or on our Instagram!

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