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Inspiring TikTok Accounts To Follow

Inspiring TikTok Accounts To Follow

Róisín Lynch

The great thing about TikTok is that they are made by normal people just like us! TikTok, when you choose the right accounts to follow can be a great place to find inspiration and advice when you are struggling or feeling down about something.

Here are the best inspiring TikTok accounts to follow to remind you that are never alone…

Wholesome Simon

@wholesomesimonbe the reason someone smiles today

♬ original sound – Keep It Wholesome

When life gets a little too much and things feel a little heavy, check out wholesome Simon! Wholesome Simons account is full of positive reminders about the good things in life and what it is you should do when feeling down. At the same time he is great at reminding you that it is perfectly valid to feel the way you do and has great advice on how to handle your situation!

Ally Yost

@ally_yostSend this to someone who needs to hear it !!! Shoot for the stars, girlypop. You are so capable. 🤍 ##encouragement ##wordsofaffirmation ##yougotthis

♬ Sunset Lover Night Trouble – SelteMemset

The big sister we all need! Ally Yost’s account is full of great advice whether you are having boy troubles, scared that things won’t get better in life or just in need of a little bit more confidence, Ally has the perfect pep talk for every situation!


@alexlight_ldnI hate that I used to do this 😭 Now, I show up exactly as I am – because I’m good enough, and so are you! Follow me on IG @alexlight_light for more😘

♬ original sound – Alex Light

Body confidence, eating disorder recovery, feeling comfortable in your own skin – you name it! Alex Light’s account is great for anyone who is struggling with their body confidence. Alex’s positive Tik Toks remind us that our value does not come from our body size and has  great advice on how you can start loving yourself and your body more!


@raquelolsson3 tricks to deal with rejection😎🤖 ##advice ##learnontiktok ##tiktokpartner ##fypシ

♬ Anaconda (explicit) (Instrumental version originally performed by Nicki Minaj) – Various Artists

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, boy problems, confidence Raquel has great advice for any of those situations! Using psychology she not only helps you with these issues but explains why it is we feel certain ways about certain things, which is great because when we understand something fully it makes it easier to overcome whatever it is we are struggling with!

Kendra Austin

@kendramorousHEALTH IS POSSIBLE AT ANY SIZE AND RESPECT HAS NO WEIGHT LIMIT! ##FitCheck ##ChemicalHearts ##fyp ##bodypositivity ##fitness ##plussize ##fit

♬ original sound – Christian Haynes

Another one for body positivity..because you can never have too much of that! Kendra is a curve model and her account is the reminder we all need that confidence is key and we are all queens!

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This Trippy Hippy

@thistrippyhippiedc: @jessicahondel 💕 i love this dance🥰 ##foryou ##dance ##ifoundmealover ##foryoupage ##tourettes ##disability ##awareness ##dancer

♬ Pierre – Jessica

Evie is a 20 year old who has Tourette’s and uses her Tik Tok account to spread awareness for the syndrome by sharing her experience with Tourette’s in a very light hearted way!

Anna Archer Fitness

@annaarcherfitnessrecipes on my insta and yt💘 @blk.water ##blkwater ##guttok

♬ Buss It – Erica Banks

Anna’s account is dedicated to inspiring people to reach their fitness goals in a healthy way! Anna aims to showcase an alternative, more sustainable way of reaching your fitness goals and shows that a happy healthy lifestyle is key!

What are your favourite inspiring TikTok accounts to follow?

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