10 Irish TikTokers You Need To Follow

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TikTok is taking over the world and Irish TikTokers are leading the way.

We asked you for your favourite Irish people to follow on Tiktok on our Instagram last week and you had lots of suggestions for us. We rounded up the 10 best Irish TikTokers to follow.

10 Irish TikTokers You Need To Follow

Shauna Davitt

Irish Tiktoker shauna the sheep

Followers: 211.4K

TikTok: @shauna_the_sheep123

Without a doubt the top Irish TikToker from our poll was 17 year-old Wexford gal Shauna Davitt, also known to fans as Shauna The Sheep.

Molly Roberts

Molly Roberts dressed as Barbie on Tiktok

Followers: 52.1K

TikTok: @mollerina_

We are big fans of Mollerina at missy.ie, so we were only delighted when she stared her own TikTok account. Her recent Barbie video just went viral too!

James Daly

James Daly and friends

Followers: 60.8K

TikTok: @notjamesdaly

Another very popular Irish TikToker in our poll was James Daly.

Keilidh MUA

Irish MUA Keilidh

Followers: 870.7K

TikTok: @keilidhmua

Give us Keilidh makeup tutorials in any form and we will be obsessed! Keilidh is taking over TikTok with over 870K followers!

Jamie McNeight

Irish Tiktoker Jamie McNeight​

Followers: 135.9K

TikTok: @jamiemcneight

Cian Gannon

Cian Gannon​

Followers: 55.9K

TikTok: @ciangannon

Sammy Finnerty

Sammy Finnerty​

TikTok: @yungsammy03

Followers: 21.6K

Bonnie Rose

Irish TikTok personality Bonnie Rose​

Followers: 381.9K

TikTok: @bonnieneiland

Olivia Neil

Olivia Neill Irish Tiktoker

Followers: 268.3K

TikTok: @_olivianeill

Nia Gall

Nia Gall​

Followers: 143.9K

TikTok: @nia_gall


Who are your favourite Irish TikTokers?

P.S we’re on TikTok! We’re just observing (and following everyone back!) for now, by stay tuned for lots of Missy content on TikTok!

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