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Introducing Monthlies – A Customisable Period Subscription Box in Ireland!

Introducing Monthlies – A Customisable Period Subscription Box in Ireland!

Team Missy - Irelands newest period subscription box

A customisable period subscription box has just launched in Ireland!

Monthlies offers pre-made boxes of sustainable period products, whilst also enabling subscribers to #OwnYourFlow!

With the ‘Own Your Flow‘ feature, you can select not only the type of products you want to use throughout your period, but you get to select the exact amount of each item. Meaning you can completely customise your monthly box to suit your flow!

About Monthlies

On the idea behind Monthlies, Founder Jessie Bennett said “If, like me, you use multiple products throughout your period you are probably more than familiar with the trek to the shop to purchase multiple boxes of different products, all for one period. If you’re like me, you might also forget you have certain products already; meaning unnecessary costs, or leave them in a bag that you won’t use again for 6 months, meaning unnecessary waste…

With Monthlies, the above can be easily avoided. You only buy what you’ll use, the period products are better for you and better for the environment, and they come straight to your door every 4 or 8 weeks, depending on the cycle you select!

I originally had the idea for Monthlies back in 2020 (long time coming, I know), when making a TikTok for video featuring a period emergency kit. I thought, “wouldn’t it be great if every month you could just pick the products you need, and only the products you need?” A lot of researching, emailing, and sample testing later, and here it is!”

Period Subscription Box Ireland

About Monthlies Products

Monthlies period products are made from GOTS certified 100% Organic Cotton meaning they’ll breakdown in landfill or compost much quicker than conventional products. They’re also wrapped in materials designed to reduce waste.

“Our pads come in a bio-plastic wrapping, and our ‘twist and release’ applicator tampons are made from recyclable cardboard and wrapped in paper.”

Monthlies period products contain no harmful bleaches or chemicals, making them better for you and better for the environment!

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5% of profits will also be donated to causes that help people and the planet.

You can follow Monthlies on Instagram and Facebook!

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