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Little Things You Can Do In Your Day To Bring Yourself More Joy

Little Things You Can Do In Your Day To Bring Yourself More Joy

Róisín Lynch

Happiness, the one thing we are all after. Often we place are happiness on things that aren’t always attainable. I’ll be happy when I get more money, when I lose ten pounds etc. We place our happiness on the things that if we do manage to get we can lose just as  quickly.

The truth is happiness is a choice and there are little things you can do every day to make you feel happy. After all, it is the little things that matter

Things You Can Do To Bring Joy To Your Day

Get up earlier and do something you enjoy

I hear you, a lie in makes you happy but I’m sure living your life feeling like all you do every day is wake up, go to school or work, go home, sleep repeat doesn’t make you feel all that great.

The easiest way to do something you feel like you don’t have time to is to set you alarm a little earlier, even if it’s just by 20 minutes and give yourself that 20 minutes to do something you enjoy. It could be reading, watching a YouTube video or going for a quick run or walk. Either way it will break up your routine and add a bit more of excitement to your day.

Get creative with your food

Food makes just about everyone happy. Instead of eating the same thing every day for breakfast and lunch why not get a little creative and change things up a bit. Maybe try adding a new topping to your porridge each day or treating yourself to a coffee from your favourite coffee shop once a week. It gives you something to be excited for and when you are excited you are definitely happy!


You don’t have to go to the gym for an hour everyday but simply going for a brisk walk or doing 20 minutes of cardio or even playing a team sport will get the good endorphins going and will make you feel as if you have accomplished something. It will also break up the day from homework or assignments and make it that little bit more exciting!

Spend some time with friends and family

We all live busy lives but even making time to go for a quick walk with someone or go somewhere with someone for an hour or two will make your day a little different. Spending time with those you love always makes you feel good!

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Smile More!

This one requires very little effort but smiling more is a great way to feel a little happier. Giving someone a little smile when walking down the street or when ordering your drink in your local coffee shop will make you feel good and will make their day a little brighter. Sharing joy is a great way of feeling it too!

Have you any suggestions about things you can do to bring joy?

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