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7 Tried And Tested Methods For Longer Lashes

7 Tried And Tested Methods For Longer Lashes

Róisín Lynch

We all love a nice long pair of lashes! A pair of fake eyelashes can completely transform pretty much any makeup look.  How amazing would it be if our natural lashes were that long and luscious. Good News…They can be! Here are 7 tried and tested methods that help enhance your natural lashes and make them grow longer, faster and thicker!

Castor Oil

Castor oil acts as a natural moisturiser for your eyelashes. It makes them appear thicker and gives them a glow.  By moisturising your lashes it also prevents any breakages which leads to healthier growth. You will need to be consistent when using castor oil as a lash conditioner in order to get your desired lashes. It can take anywhere between 3-6 months for the result to be really noticeable. Good things come to those who wait after all!

Vitamin E Oil

Another natural lash enhancer. Vitamin E oil improves the quality and appearance of your lashes. It is reported to reduce the oxidative damage that contributes to hair loss. It is hailed for it’s ability to moisturise and strengthen the lashes. Another great thing about vitamin E is that it is very affordable and can also be used on your skin to improve its appearance and give you a nice and healthy glow.

Coconut Oil For Longer Lashes

Coconut oil is a bit of an all rounder. It has a tonne of uses when it comes to naturally healing, moisturising, and improving the appearance of everything from your skin to your hair. What’s even better is it’s benefits extend to your eyelashes as well! Coconut oil keeps your eyelashes healthy by keeping them moisturised and improving their strength. When they are well moisturised they grow faster. Coconut oil is best applied to eyelashes using an eye makeup brush or clean mascara wand.  Apply the oil to your top and bottom lashes every day for desired results.

Lash Conditioning Primer

Lash conditioning primers improve the appearance of your mascara while also improving the quality of your natural lashes.  Lash conditioning primers work by moisturising your lashes before you apply your mascara to improve the appearance and durability of your mascara. They also act to strengthen and moisturise your natural lashes by incorporating ingredients in their formula that are known for improving the overall condition of your natural lashes. Lash conditioning primers let you donn your favourite mascara all while getting strong natural lashes. A real win-win situation!

Try out Lashfood’s Conditioning Collagen Lash Primer or Clinique’s lash building primer.

Olive Oil

Olive oil can boost the quality and therefore length of your natural lashes as it contains several types of fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-microbial properties. This helps to promote healthy lash follicles. When your follicles are healthy, your lashes will grow better.  Please note not to use the same olive oil you cook with on your lashes, as it could be contaminated with bacteria from food. Get a separate bottle of olive oil to use for your eyelashes only. Olive oil is best used on eyelashes over night. Before bed dip a clean mascara brush in a small bit of olive oil. Lightly coat the top and bottom layer of lashes. Wash off in the morning. Repeat nightly.

Comb Your Lashes

It has been reported that combing your lashes helps spread natural oils that help boost the growth of your eyelashes.  It is suggested you should brush your lashes daily. Be gentle however, as to ensure you don’t cause any eyelashes to fall out!

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Lash Serum For Longer Lashes

Using a lash serum is a great way to get your dream eyelashes! Lash serums are formulated with ingredients that are known to boost the length and quality of your natural eyelashes. There are many on the market, however iGlow Lash Maximizer is widely reported for its ability to give you long, luscious lashes! It is important to stay consistent with lash serums as they can take about a month before to fully see results!

Have you tried any of these lash lengthening methods before?

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