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Missy Editor: Beauty Advice I Would Give My Teen Self

Missy Editor: Beauty Advice I Would Give My Teen Self

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Beauty Advice I Would Give My Teen Self

As Beauty Editor of it’s safe to say that I know my way when it comes to makeup, but that wasn’t always the case. I had a few tragic incidents with beauty over the years. Here is some beauty advice I wish I could give my younger self…


5 Spot Treatments That Actually Work

Your skin will sort itself out

I don’t really think that I can claim to have ever had serious acne, but my skin used to really get me down. I hit the ol’ puberty really early, so I started getting spots from the age 10 onwards. It just always seemed like I had a constant cluster of spots around my chin. Once one would go another one would appear, and so on. It was weird because honestly I feel like I woke up one day around 18/19 and it wasn’t so much of an issue anymore. I wish I could tell my younger self that. Especially 12/13-year-old me who was very upset by my spots and just couldn’t get rid of them.

Also, I would like to tell my teen self that although St. Ives is a nice product, it is not a suitable daily cleanser! Yikes! I actually can’t belive that I used that everyday, my poor skin. No wonder it hated me.

In terms of what I like now for helping my skin now, I swear by Pixi Glow TonicThe Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution and The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, which I chatted about before! The Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser is also my fave!


Double Wear is not a good idea

I recently got a sample of Double Wear again after wearing it religiously for years, and let me tell you, I was SHOOK. No offence to Estee Lauder but seriously girls, Double Wear foundation is never a good idea. I couldn’t get over how heavy it was. It looked awful on, especially after a few hours and my skin just felt yuck! No one needs foundation that heavy. If you’re looking for a good coverage foundation I’m currently wearing and liking the wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation which is honestly fab and only €6.95.

Get The Right Shade Foundation

Sorry, but where you even a teen in the 00’s if you didn’t wear Miss Sporty Foundation or Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse? I actually cringe thinking about it because I’m pretty sure it was orange on me. Foundation should never be used to “colour” your face. That’s what bronzer is for. You should try to get as close a match to your skin as possible. I know some people tan (I can’t relate) so then and only then is it acceptable to get a slightly darker foundation. And while we’re talking about foundation buff it in light layers and don’t just plaster it on. I too was guilty of this in my teen years!

Blush is not your enemy

I used to be terrified of blush. As in, I’m pretty sure that I just didn’t use it until I left my teens behind. Why you may ask? Because I seemed to think that blush was a really bad idea considering I had a lot of pink undertones in my skin and that blush would only highlight that. The reality is blush is actually an essential when applying makeup. By skipping it your face looks very one-dimensional. And pale. And just very weird. Blush actual adds a lovely natural flush to skin. If you too have a fear of blush for irrational pink/red tone related issues I’d highly recommend a peach or coral toned blusher like Benefit Coralista or Peachin’ from Penneys.



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Get Your Eyebrows Done Professionally

I often think of my life a bit like history; instead of AD and BC I like to think of it as BB (before brows) and AB (after brows) . Getting my eyebrows done seriously revolutionised my life. Specifically when I started getting them tinted. I went to The Brow Artist and it changed everything for me. I’m not joking when I say that my eyebrows are naturally white. I started getting them shaped when I was 18, but it was only in my twenties that I finally start tinting them a dark brown and honestly I’m mortified that I left it so long. Brows really frame your face. And personally, I just feel far more confident when I have my brows done.

I definitely think that it’s a good idea to get them professionally shaped every few months. I tint my eyebrows myself because I’m confident in getting the colour correct now, but to start off with try going to someone like The Brow Artist and see what they do and then go from there. But seriously, life changing!!

Is there any beauty advice you would give your younger self?

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