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Monday Myths: Body Image

Monday Myths: Body Image

Róisín Lynch

‘Monday Myths’ is a new segment on, where we state facts about certain topics, and you decide if you believe them to be true or false. We’ll then let you know whether it’s true or not.

This week’s topic is…Body Image myths.

Body Image Myths Busted

Being over-weight means you are unhealthy…


This is one of the biggest misconceptions nowadays. Fat does by not mean unhealthy. There are a number of reasons a person might be carrying a bit of extra weight.

They could be on medication or have a condition that make it easier for them to gain weight, such as an underactive thyroid or PCOS.

What I see in the mirror is what I look like…


Unless you see someone who is drop dead gorgeous, in that case yes!!

A lot of us stand in front of the mirror and critique the sight we see staring back at us. The truth is people don’t see our insecurities like we do.

To us they are really obvious but that is only because we are aware of it and focusing on it.

Confidence means always feeling amazing…


No one feels confident all the timeand that is perfectly ok. It can be draining to be always on and super confident!It is perfectly normal to have a down day.But what is so great about confidence is thata little faking it ‘till you make it can makeyou feel so much better!

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You are either entirely body positive or really insecure…


The road to being body confident can be a long journey! Some days you will be feelin’ yourself and other days not so much.

Breaking old habits and changing your negative self-talk is hard, especially if you have been doing it for a long time. Be patient with yourself, you will get there!

Loving yourself is more important than worrying about what others think…


Loving yourself, being confident and comfortable in yourself is much more important than what others might think. Or worrying about what others might think.

If you are struggling with body image, you can find resources to help you here.

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