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Monday Myths: Friendship

Monday Myths: Friendship

Róisín Lynch
Friendship Myths

‘Monday Myths’ is a new segment on, where we state facts about certain topics, and you decide if you believe them to be true or false. We’ll then let you know whether it’s true or not.

This week’s topic is…Friendship.

Dive in to some friendship myths with us…

If you are real friends you should constantly be talking and meeting up…


Just because you are friends doesn’t mean you have to be by each other’s side at all times. In fact, a very good test of friendships is after being distant for awhile you can bounce right back to the way you always were.

Girls and boys can be friends without it being romantic…


Guys are just humans after all! Friendships are based off two personalities that work well together, it has nothing to do with gender!

If your friends ask you to meet up you should always say yes…


While it is important to make time for your friends, you have to prioritise yourself. If you are having an off day or aren’t feeling up to something it is perfectly acceptable to say no and meet up another time instead.

The more friends you have the better person you are…


The number of friends you have is in no way a measure of your worth. Quality is better than quantity. Every one has different numbers of friends, all that matters is that you have friends you can rely on and have a good time with. Whether that is 3 or 20!

It’s ok not to have a best friend…


Some people have one friend that they are really close to, others have a whole group, you don’t have to have one best friends that you do everything with.

Are you surprised at any of these friendship myths? 

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