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#Trending: Birkenstock

#Trending: Birkenstock

Danielle Mahoney

Birkenstock are *the* shoe of summer 2021!

Some people call them an “ugly Dad shoe”, but I think they are one of the best pairs of shoes I’ve ever bought and I will die on a hill defending their honour.

Birks have been popping up all over TikTok and Instagram as an essential summer shoe and I am here for it!

Why are they so popular?

One word: comfort.

Wearing Birkenstock is honestly like wearing your slippers outside. They really support your foot so it feels like a hug when you walk.

I know I sound like an old lady talking about the comfort of shoes, but I really do think my mam might have been onto something when she used to admonish me for buying cheap flats that “wouldn’t support my feet properly” when I was younger. Just don’t tell her that I admitted it.

How To Style Them

I really do want to make a strong case that Birks should be your go-to this summer. Not only are they comfy out, they also go with everything. From jeans, to shorts, dresses to midi shirts, I dare you to find an outfit that they don’t work with.

Birkenstock are a timeless addition to your wardrobe

Birkenstock are a great investment pieces for your wardrobe as they are truly long-lasting. I have a pair of Birkenstock for about 10 years now and they are still absolutely perfect.

I know there are places doing similar version of Birkenstock for a lot less, but I really don’t think you can beat the original in terms of comfort and quality. Black ones will last you years saving you more money in the long-term and it’s also better for the environment to buy quality pieces once instead of cheap shoes that will fall apart.

See Also

This pair of Arizona Eva’s, which are only €44, are half the usual cost of Birkenstock, so if you’re looking for a pair, I’d start with these.

I will probably invest in a new pair to have as well this year, but my trusty pair are ready for another summer outing now. I think I will go for something like these with a back on them – I don’t like wearing my Birkenstock when I’m driving for fear of them sliding off, so they are perfect.

Will you be wearing this trend this summer?

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