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Paul Mescal Stars in The Rolling Stones New Music Video

Paul Mescal Stars in The Rolling Stones New Music Video

Neasa Murphy

Move over Niall Horan, Paul Mescal is hot on your heels and about to surpass you as Ireland’s official heartthrob (LOL just kidding we’ll always love you Niall).
Paul Mescal has once again appeared on our social media feeds, only this time he’s looking a little worse for wear, with an undone bowtie on his neck and a tired look in his eyes. No, we have not discovered footage from the night of his debs (we’re sure he never would have been that messy…) he’s going to be in a Rolling Stones music video! What can we say, the boy’s on a roll!
Here’s everything you need to know about Paul Mescal working with The Rolling Stones…

We’ll soon be changing our names to Scarlet

The name of the track is indeed Scarlet, and it seems like Paul will be playing Scarlet’s heartbroken love interest. So, while he might look like he’s wrecked from some kind of wild hotel party, he’s probably just sad about Scarlet, who according to the lyrics of the song is tearing his heart “all to pieces”. Whoever she is, we’re coming for her.

The song is not technically a new track

Scarlet was originally recorded in 1974 with guitarist Jimmy Page and it’s a pretty banging tune. So, not only will you get to drool over Paul Mescal, your parents probably won’t mind you repeatedly blaring the song either, it should actually be right up their street.

The shoot was socially distanced

The video was shot in London’s Claridge’s Hotel, a fancy 5-star location (so definitely not a debs venue) where it looks like Paul may have shot the whole video alone, but we’ll have to wait and see the full video to be sure.

The video will drop on YouTube this Thursday

Go set a reminder, because not only will the video be released at 7pm on today (Thursday), but Paul will also be chatting with Mick Jagger. Is that not the coolest thing you’ve heard all year?

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You can watch the teaser on repeat until then…

He might look a little worse for wear but he’s still Paul Mescal. ‘Nuff said.

Are you excited to see Paul Mescal star in The Rolling Stones music video? because we are!

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